Running Xojo project without "building" it

Dont know how to put it in words in the title…

I want to create a shortcut to Xojo that when you run it, it runs the code I created… for example Xojo MyProgram.xojo_binary_project, then automatically runs it. I just cannot spend $100 for an IDE that is this horribly slow under Linux. I see this as a one-time build for me, then I’ll migrate what I’ve written to either Java or C++.

Hey Alex,
Why not pay one of the many consultants on here to build the project for you?

That violates that persons EULA

Its no biggie. If I cant create a shortcut to auto-run my project, I’ll make it very simple for the machine shop on how to run Xojo, open recent, click Run. Saves me $ and gets me off to a better IDE/language.

Sorry…I know this post is negative and all that, but facts are facts. Sometimes you gotta take one on the chin Xojo.

Good point Norman! Right in the EULA:

  • you won’t build apps from the projects of others so that they can avoid purchasing a Xojo License Key(s).

So anyway…back to the topic.

Back to the topic, asking for a way to avoid paying a license fee is poor form (at best). If the machine shop guys are happy opening the IDE and running it from there, you’re apparently all set anyway.

Bill: english is your second language? Re-read the entire thread. I didnt fucking ask to get someone to build it for me.

Being rude won’t help either…

But you DID ask for a way to circumvent paying for a license. And Bill never said anything about someone else doing a build for you.

Rudeness will do nothing but limit the amount of help anyone is willing to provide in the future… regardless of where on your list of languages English falls.

No, I understand perfectly. You want to be able to double click an icon and have your program run automatically, all without paying a license fee. In your own words:

You already came up with your solution:

So there’s really no need to continue asking this community how to do it.

I tried xojo but that didn’t do it.

Ok. For you its reading comprehension. I didn’t say or even imply circumventing paying for a license. I’m asking “how can I run my app by clicking a shortcut with the least amount of user intervention.” .

Alex… you go off and have a nice life now… I’m done…

Time to lock this thread before it gets uglier :confused:

The IDE won’t by default load & run a project
At best you could have it load one

Alex - rudeness is NOT required

Keep your replies civil please

Thanks Norman.

How do I mute people???

There is a setting somewhere.