Reverting Version After Xojo Bug

My license allowed me to download up until 2016 Release 1.1. A bug was introduced that made the two latest releases available to me (2016r1 and 2016r1.1) not usable. However, I have already made lots of changes to my source code using 2016r1.1.

  1. Can I compile my new 2016r1.1 source file using my old 2015r4.1 without any repercussions?

  2. Why doesn’t Xojo release patches for these kinds of situations?

  1. Depends on if you used any new features.
  2. They do, that’s the .1 part of R1.1

It would help if you state which bug bothers you.

But I am surprised that Xojo did not release a .2 update. The StyledText bugs are too serious to ignore.

The styledText bugs have been fixed right away in 2016R3.

About reverting from 2016R1.1 down to 2015R4.1 I just did that. I had to replace all imagesets by single images because my 2016R2.1 code was HiDPI, but that is about it.

Pretty useless if your license expires before the fix.

I purchase a year subscription with access to 12 months of releases. If my first releases include a working function, but the last two releases break that function, then I’m really not getting a year “subscription” license.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Xojo’s licensing scheme. It works well for me and it’s nice that they give continued access to these releases. However, if you break something in a release, at the very least patch to make it whole again.

Could you please be so kind to tell which functions are broken ? There may be workarounds available.

Not in a point release
They act like the same major version release (ie 2016r1.1 is the same as 2016r1 from a licensing perspective)

But since I have no idea what specific bugs we’re talking about etc its hard to say much more than that

Right away? No.

But the bug WAS fixed, so the fix could have been released in a .2 update.

Without it R2 is useless, as was R1 before it.

You yourself went back to 2015R4.1 which proves the point.

Version control systems allow you to merge fixes into older branches - so why did this not happen?

I’m seriously unimpressed.

The question I have: is it time for Xojo LTS?

For example the last version compiling for Snow Leo would have been a good candidate for a Long Time Support version that receives bug fixes but no new features.

Those wanting the latest toys can work with the new version, those needing to get work done get increasingly better tools.



although that one is pretty simple to work around by draing an icon yourself
maybe 10 lines of code in total

and it is fixed in r2 but I understand your license expired before r2 came out so you cant use it ?

I should know about the TextArea font size and RTFData bugs, I discovered them and filed them.

<> about RTFData was filed on Agust 6, and fixed on August 9
<> about TextArea TextSize was filed on August 9 AND FIXED THE SAME DAY

I call that immediately, right away, ASAP.

To be perfectly fair, these bugs were a showstopper for Check Writer, but I had just released Char Menu that was entirely made in 2016R2.1 and had absolutely no problem.

I don’t think one can say that a subscription is invalid because of bugs. As a developer myself, I am extremely humble when it comes to bugs. I cannot hold Xojo responsible to more than I can do.

The fact that I went back to 2015R4.1 proves simply that for these particular bugs, the solution was there. When I checked 2016R3 the bugs were gone, I plan on having a HiDPI version created with it soon. That is normal for programmers. Just as well as using 2013R3.3 to generate executables for Snow Leo.

I don’t want LTS myself. It is an utopian idea that cannot happen in the current state of technology.

LTS is a viable mechanism, but not when you use year values for release identification.

We maintain LTS for most of our products to the point where further maintenance is no longer feasibly performed.

I agree with Markus that an LTS “stake in the ground” would be very handy since I need to maintain multiple versions of Real Studio and Xojo to meet our product release and maintenance requirements.

OK. I just downloaded the test project, and ran it in 2016R1, I see three stop images.

I am sorry, but that bug seems extremely elusive at best.

And even if I was to encounter it, instead of going back to 2015R4.1, I would simply use a picture file. Is it so difficult, really ?

It’s not the only bug.

[quote=287310:@Norman Palardy]although that one is pretty simple to work around by draing an icon yourself
maybe 10 lines of code in total[/quote]

Trivial, yes, but I use all three of these icons in listboxes, containers, and windows, among other places. I don’t like ugly workaround code and I shouldn’t have to take time away from developing new features to do it. Then when the next release comes, I have to revert it all back again. I could use MacOSLib and get at the system icons, but it’s the point. I wouldn’t leave my customer with a broken function they paid for.


It is fairly easy to replace the method DrawStopIcon by a myDrawStopIcon, then a simple search and replace will fix it in all the code.

Besides, as I could not see the so called bug more than Xojo did, I am inclined to doubt extremely much its existence. This whole discussion being pointless.

Strange. I thought it worked well for years with Linux.

Whatever. You want Xojo to be Linux ?

[quote=287311:@Michel Bujardet]I should know about the TextArea font size and RTFData bugs, I discovered them and filed them.

<> about RTFData was filed on Agust 6, and fixed on August 9
<> about TextArea TextSize was filed on August 9 AND FIXED THE SAME DAY

I call that immediately, right away, ASAP…[/quote]

It doesn’t matter at what point before release a bug is fixed. The only thing that matters is if a bug fix is put out.

If they fix it and don’t release it then it is NOT fixed “immediately”. The end user is still stuck with the bug.

If they have the fix for a bad bug (you yourself called it a show-stopper) and hold onto it till the next version is out then that makes the version still with the bug not fit for purpose.

And there have been way too many such releases in the last years.

And if one is stuck on that version as the license expired then I can fully understand that they are upset.

I was VERY surprised that no .2 release was forthcoming, but I have some suspicions why that might have been the case. Maybe I should ask Geoff these questions in his next AMA? Would be interested in the answer.

What you describe is true for most software on the planet,
If you run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and there’s a bug in it and it gets fixed in 12.04 and not back ported you still have the bug.
LTS version or not.
And some things will never be back ported to old LTS versions because its not technically feasible.

We don’t have the resources to release back ported fixes for every bug we find and sometimes its not possible to for technical reasons.

If you find arrogant anybody who has the bad luck to have another opinion than yours, you must find an awful lot of people arrogant. Haven’t you ever learned to agree to disagree ? That is what civilized discussions are all about.

Version 3 came very rapidly.

MY bugs were a show stopper.

The bug report the OP pointed to ( g DrawStopIcon not working) and takes as a reason to whine, is not even reproducible. Neither Xojo nor I could reproduce it, and besides, even a newbie can use Drawpicture as a workaround. I definitely would not call that a showstopper, even if the bug existed.