Reverting Version After Xojo Bug

You obviously didn’t read the feedback case - “This behavior has been verified by our testing staff.”

[quote]Robin Lauryssen-Mitchell on Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 4:21 AM

This case has been closed because our testing staff has been unable to reproduce the behavior using a newer version of the IDE.

The bug you make such a fuss about is not even reproducible.

A third person may have said to both of you that neither of those bugs were showstopppers FOR THEM.
If their project NEVER use either RTFData OR DrawStopIcon they’d wonder what all the fuss is about.

And that is crucial here

What one person considers relevant & showstopping differs - from person to person & project to project

Accept that your opinions differ and move on would you ?

EDIT : FWIW I just tried the steps Sam originally reported in 2016r1(fails) 2016r1.1 (fails) and 2016r2 (works)

Indeed showstoppers depend on the project, and the ability of the programmer to work around.

I only change IDE versions when I start developing a new version of my app. This gives me lots of time to see if the new version has any bugs. And spending a couple of minutes on a workaround for such a simple bug isn’t wasted time.

Or you try to get access to the betas where you complain earlier about the new bugs. But this is even more work. And it’s no guarantee. I used 2016r2 for a while before release and noticed on release day that the threads had serious problems. Which made this release unusable for me.