Report writing

Been away from Xojo for quite a while. In the past I used BKeeney Shorts but don’t know if it is still around. Are there any report writer options out there?

I use Xojo and SQLite for in-house applications. No app store or other sales involved and I’m on macOS Monterey 12.6.2

thanks in advance

The author quit using xojo some years ago, Shorts was sold:

we gave BKeneey Shorts a new home. The new version is under active development and will be released when it is finished. I expect that to happen in the second half of the year.

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Not exactly true. I quit the Xojo consulting business 3 years ago and started a full-time job where I used Xojo, every day, for their cross-platform apps. We had a team of about 20 developers that used Xojo (not all were 100% on it). It wasn’t until late last year where we started using Go 100% of the time and I think we have one developer still doing maintenance with Xojo.

Go is an interesting language with some interesting features that I wish Xojo could implement but doubt they will since they are ‘power’ features. Also, I’m finding that I like VS Code quite a bit.