BKeeney Shorts has a new home

BKeeney Shorts has a new owner: varcess Software from Siegen, Germany continues the development and support of BKeeney Shorts. The further development focuses on new features and support of the API 2.0:

  • inheritable report designs (letterhead -> offer, delivery note etc.)
  • XojoScript step-by-step debugger
  • API 2.0 support
  • Sub-reports
  • simplified integration via interfaces and events
  • Diagrams
  • Report server via REST API

Over the next few months, inheritable report designs and a XojoScript debugger, which allows XojoScripts to be debugged step-by-step and to look at variables, will be implemented. Both modules have already been integrated in a developer version of vcEuroFaktura. Support for Xojo’s API 2.0 will of course follow. We expect new releases of BKeeney Shorts in spring 2021.

The report server will enable iOS and all platforms to retrieve BKeeney Shorts reports as PDF via REST API.

For support and questions please contact Daniel Fritzsche via Xojo forum personal message or contact varcess via their website:


about varcess software:

Daniel and Christian Fritzsche founded the predecessor of today’s varcess Software GbR in 1996. While software development has always been a small part of varcess, the focus was changed in 2010 from hardware sales and system consulting to business consulting. In 2016 the focus was shifted solely to software development. The software of varcess sets standards in commercial process management. Meanwhile almost all techniques of Xojo and the well-known plugin providers are used. Over the course of time, own classes were developed in many areas, which enable varcess Software to develop software efficiently. With the adoption of the BKeeney Shorts classes the foundation for further development is laid.