Remote Support

If you’re using Teamviewer QS you might want to look at… For my requirements it is less than 50% of the cost.

Disclaimer: I’m not involved with either company - just like to save a penny or two :slight_smile:

a while ago I moved from Teamviewer to DWService which works great and is free, even for business.

There is also Anydesk

Is it safe to use ?

I have been wanting to use it but am concerned about it as software like this opens up everything in your computer, files, keystrokes, etc, there are not many security reviews about them on the net except ones made by them selfs. And on the Mac side they’re not even code signed so if they were to turn out to be trojan then apple cannot even phase them out by recalling their certificate.

I really prefer something like teamviewer.
where the customer must launch the app and give you a pin code each time different.
it feels more secure.

Teamviewer is another example of a greedy company loosing the focus. First, they decide that new mayor versions will not be compatible with older ones, then to insist on updating the apps.

So, it was a pain in the ass having a licence of TV11, but not able to conect with a client who had TV12.

I updated to TV13 for the raspberry support and as they push useles and bugy updates/UI changes just to justify a New version, the software is worse each new release. I had to use AnyDesk and give me permision myself throught TV just to kill TV to free a stuck file in a faulty file transfer in the remote machine.

Now, they want more money replacing the life time licences with anual subscriptions. Their last bid is to offer 50% discount and a free year for current customer but, it is not worth it.

Thaks for the options

I mean I dont want absolutely teamviewer,
but I want something the customer has control over, like TV asking for a pin code each time it starts.
does it exists ?
TV is really expensive.( but does the job)

For what it’s worth, is excellent for screen sharing and control. The user will need an account, but all you have to do is send a meeting ID. Meetings can be audio only (no video) if you want.

Totally agree with Greg. Zoom works great and is affordable. I’ve been paying $150/year and they haven’t tried the sneaky practice of raising their subscription pricing like My only wish is that they offered the ability to remote in without anyone on the other side to access servers. For meetings, it rocks, even internationally.

TeamViewer is a great tool. I just wish they wouldn’t have gotten so greedy. I’m going to use my TV12 as long as I can and then look for something else. Thanks for the options.

…and if you don’t mind a 40 minute limit on a meeting, it’s free.

They are very aware dominating the market and from that point everything gets worse. Time to say goodbye TV.

You’re right Björn , I was not aware about it since i was only using it on Windows and Linux. Wrote them a mail about this matter.

As per the original post, TV with quick support was costing me $780/yr vs Splashtop at $298/yr - both prices are in $NZ. Splashtop appears to support all Desktop platforms as well as Android & (limited) iOS (but same as TV).

For me the price difference is a deal breaker.

again, I really like the TV quicksupport where you download an app, double clic give an id ans password and voil.
dwservices is an installer, customer needs to give admin rights,
splashtop is the same, an installer with admin rights
you can’t use it if the customer has a desktop mac with limited standard account (or worse guest account)
is there anything like TV quicksupport out there ?

did anyone try NoMachine ?

Skype for business?

forget nomachine … horrible UI !
but anydesk is promising, like teamviewer, a simple application, no installer. trying it right now.

I use Splashtop for always-on machines I might need access to, like family and some customers. Love it. I’ve also tried CloudBerry. Works decently well, but I don’t have a lot of time on it.