Rehoming App Wrapper and/or the Ohanaware App Kit

If those were the two choices, I expect it would cease to exist and the community would evolve. Maybe one of the other signing/notarizing tools would fill the gap, or a new Xojo-oriented tool would arise.


If it were bought by Xojo I could see it being included in Pro, which would be a PITA for me, using Desktop. I’m retired and wouldn’t be able to afford Pro.

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I do think this is a huge loss for Xojo and for Xojo developers.

Not just to lose active development of App Wrapper and App Kit, but to lose Sam as a highly active, patient and contributing member to the community here.

@Sam_Rowlands It is very sad to see you leaving the community and I know this was not an easy decision for you.

Sam’s contributions and commitment to the Xojo community really cannot be replaced.

The most disappointing thing about long time developers leaving is that they clearly do not want to leave, but feel they have to.

Instead of speculation, I really hope that Xojo addresses this loss to the community and takes it seriously. I know that everyone has different perspectives on the direction of Xojo but the one thing we all want is Xojo to be successful.

I love Xojo and I love the community here. Xojo knows how important the community is as @Geoff_Perlman has mentioned this over the years at events. I still rely on Xojo and would highly recommend it. The strong emotions, both positive and negative, show the passion Xojo developers have for it.

There are still many great people who are part of the community here which is encouraging.

@Geoff_Perlman in my humble opinion, I believe this is an important time to address this issue publicly. At least to alleviate concerns of community members like Sam leaving but also to encourage people who want to dedicate their livelihoods for the benefit Xojo.


Great incentive for upgrade for those on Apple platforms.

Also sold separately for those wanting to.

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I mean, I’ve felt for a long time that Sam was using the wrong tool. Xojo is cross platform tool and Sam is a Mac developer. If you’re targeting a single platform, the compromises that come with a cross platform tool don’t make a ton of sense. Single platform developers will always be better served by the platform’s native tools. I’d be in the same boat if I wasn’t also targeting Windows.

I don’t think there’s a lot to learn here. I don’t mean to speak for Sam, but as far as I’m aware, the things he wants from the tool are largely Mac-exclusive features, which Xojo tends to avoid unless there is a way to make it work on all platforms. There are exceptions of course, such as dock items and registry editing, but for the most part platform-exclusive features tend to stay in the department of third parties such as MBS.


There are exceptions of course, such as dock items and registry editing, but for the most part platform-exclusive features tend to stay in the department of third parties such as MBS.

Right, Sam had the best third party tools for Mac users. Him leaving is a big loss.


At least two of Xojo’s competitors include App Wrapper functionality within the package. Shirley Xojo should at the very least consider it to remain competitive?

Ironically the language I’m learning is x-plat. They have no qualms including target specific functionality. Their approach is quite different from Xojo in so many ways, some paradigms are a real mind twister, but I’m getting there.


I think it’s also important to mention that while my efforts were to increase my bottom line, I did genuinely want to help Xojo grow.

Not only did I push through the limits of the tool in many areas and make that code available to other Xojo developers, I promoted Xojo on my site, and within my applications. While doing so, I would regularly receive e-mails from people saying, things along the lines of not realizing what Xojo was capable of.

This directly created more awareness of Xojo, and even in the eyes of some of the Mac influencers.


But does it work? I tried to debug a simple Hello World-Swift-Console-Program in VSCode on Windows and i gave up. It seems it is not ready for this yet.

I’ll be honest, I’ve not tried it in any x-plat capacity yet as I’m only focusing on the Mac and this will be the way to create Mac apps in the future (it’s a little iffy right now, forcing you to fall back to App Kit for several things).

There are multiple demos showing you how to build a Mac app, and by clicking a checkbox, the app will run on mobile, looking, feeling and smelling like a mobile app, with minimal changes to your Mac UI design.

While I have no interest in AVP at the moment, I am excited at the possibility of my Mac app being able to run on it as a native visionOS application.


Thank you for App Wrapper, Sam, it has been a life saver for those of us trying to navigate the turbulent waters of Apple’s ever-changing security requirements. I’m sad to see you stop development and hope you can find a good home for it. Best of luck in your future endeavors and keeping those hungry mouths fed.


Thanks, Sam, for all you’ve done for the Xojo community. App Wrapper has been indispensable for those of us who write Mac programs and I do hope that someone takes you up on your rehoming offer. Your calm comments and suggestions here in the forums have been a great help to me and undoubtedly many others as well. We all wish you well in the future.


They shouldn’t be angry. There will always be people who put their own selfish interests first. Not being able to understand that you are trying to take care of your loyal customer base reflects on the person complaining and you should just ignore them.


@Sam_Rowlands : Just wanted to say you have been and always will be a hero in the Xojo community.


Indeed. And over the years I have also come to consider Sam a friend.

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Agree with this. App Wrapper is the reason I can submit apps to the Mac App Store, where they don’t make much money (most of my sales are in Windows, anyway), but they do get a lot of credibility.