Rehoming App Wrapper and/or the Ohanaware App Kit

Hey All,
The time has come, I’ve made my decision to find App Wrapper and/or the Ohanaware App Kit a new home.

I think its best for the community and the products if they continued to be maintained by someone who uses Xojo and is very much a part of this community.

If anyone is interested in taking on either or both of these projects, then please either e-mail me, DM me, or any of the various social media networks.

Oh and yes, OAK does need some love to convert it to stupid API 2.0 and stupid DesktopControls.


Sad to hear that. I especially hope App Wrapper will find a new home that actually cares about the product, because it is really helpful.
If I look at some other projects that lost the original owner (for instance Formatted Text Control and BKeeney Shorts), it unfortunately doesn’t bode well.
Anyways, it was a pleasure working with your products and I wish you good luck in your future projects.


Thank you, and thanks for making the time spend here enjoyable.

I won’t be completely gone as I’ll still maintain Sleep Aid in Xojo until I’m confident enough that my skills in t’other language are ready for such an app.

And… I’m designing a project that I’m hoping will change many a Mac developers life, in a good way.


Thanks for all of your hard work on App Wrapper, Sam. It’s a vital part of my business, so I’m sad to see you leaving the community.

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It’s a shame, but since you couldn’t (or didn’t want to) get used to the changes with API2 & Co., it was to be expected. :wink:

I hope that a buyer can be found who can fully commit to Xojo, anything else would not be good for the future of your Xojo tools. :+1:

All the best and good luck for your future (no sarcasm). :blush:

It’s nice that you want to stay with us here in the forum with your expertise. Because even if you don’t have to/can’t agree with everything that Xojo Inc. does, it’s still nice if we can help each other. :pray:


Thank you Sam for all your work.
App Wrapper is a great tool and used far outside the Xojo community.

I hope you find good homes for both as the Xojo community needs more third-party vendors for add-ons to Xojo.


Thanks, its been going pretty good so far, a few hiccups, a few bugs, but having access to a larger community has really accelerated my learning.

I’ll help where I can.

You’re welcome and thanks for the discussions over the decades.

Me too.

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I know you’re not in good terms with xojo team, but my opinion is that appwrapper should be included with xojo IDE …
good luck for your future projects.


Sam was really commited with xojo, but Xojo is NOT being commited with the users. “Everyone has a limit - a point at which they can’t take any more - and, almost out of nowhere, I had reached mine.”


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As I told @Sam_Rowlands privately, I’m really sad about his decision.
I have already done part of the code modernization of OAK 2023r1, but there are still parts to check.
Maybe Sam could make it public and participatory on GitHub via one of us? (If Xojo is not interested)


What about to make it open source?

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Currently I have no intention of making either open source.

  • I feed the 5 hungry faces in this house by developing and selling software.
  • I’ve invested 13 years into App Wrapper.
  • There are people who’re seriously considering buying these products, to turn around and make them open source is not fair to these people and could be seen as insulting.

However if someone wanted to buy either or both from me and then make the project Open Source, I’m not against that.


How would that be any less insulting to recent purchasers? If anything, it seems like it has the potential for being more insulting – you (hypothetically) will have gotten your payoff and ridden off into the sunset.

I don’t understand why people seem so angry with me for leaving Xojo and trying to ensure that App Wrapper goes to a home where someone capable and willing can maintain and support it.


Flash news!!! That is how software works.


I wish Sam all the best. I’m a big fan of App Wrapper and would love to see it live on for many years, but I’m more concerned with Sam’s happiness and future. See ya when I see ya, buddy, and best of luck finding a new home for your wares!


Thank you Anthony.

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I feel you’ve read too much into my comment. I am not a user of any of your products - I have nothing against them, I simply don’t have a need for them and thus I have no particular feelings about their change of status.

As you suggested, it does seem to me that anyone who has purchased them would feel put out if you quickly open sourced them, but possibly even more put out if you got a nice payoff from selling them and THEN they’re made open source.

Perhaps this could be alleviated by ceasing sales for a time before open sourcing them (by whomever does so).

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I think you two are communicating different ideas about groups who might be bothered.

With this announcement being public on both forums I would expect that people are going to wait and see how things unfold before purchasing a license for the software.

And if someone still didn’t get the memo, Sam is a reasonable human. I would think an agreement or refund could be found. He’s not the kind of make a quick dirty payout and run kind of person.