Re: Bootstrap 5 is Coming to the Xojo Web Framework

For the first time in three year I think Xojo Web might become a good and modern solution again.

Removing jQuery from the Code, migrating to Bootstrap 5 is technically a big boost.

I highly encourage the Xojo staff to include jQuery only optionally by activating or deactivating a property or by analyzing the project code.

That Web2 was built on top of jQuery was a huge bummer for me when it was released, since there are sooo many good frameworks and most of jQuery is part of Vanilla JS now.

This is a good step in the right direction. Still, there are many missing parts compared to Web1, but hey, it’s something.


Now, please please please integrate a better Javascript and HTML editor. That is still a huge pain i.t.a. to concat JS like

var this_is_so_annoying as string = "function (param){" +_
"   what_the_heck_is_this();" +_
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Yes!! The Smart String Literal capabilities of other laguajes could be really useful here.

Also upgrading those properties inspectors of the IDE that look like meant for 800x600 monitors.

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yes simply having a javascript syntax coloring on demand inside the constant editor would already be very nice…


Is there a feature request for that?

Improve the working area:

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I wrote an app that converts these links for the forum :slight_smile:

#71524 - FR Improve the working area for properties in the IDE

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I added a related but different FR :

Will be even more modern to include Ant Design framework or Tailwind CSS

I personally adore Tailwind. But it wouldn’t make sense to switch since nearly every frontend control is a bootstrap element.
It would be a complete rewrite and would ■■■■■■ all customers big times again.


Just for context, one of the reasons for using a long lived framework like Bootstrap was to minimize the upgrade pain going forward. So many of these other frameworks start, live and die in a span of 3-4 years that you wouldn’t have time to get a development tool like Xojo fleshed out before it went away and “the next best thing” came out.


Bootstrap 5 is already a good start but in the future, switching UI kits will be awesome.

Just to clarify, Bootstrap 5 has removed jQuery usage, but there are other libraries still depending on it (DataTables for example, used in WebListBox).

Most of the web framework was Vanilla JS already. We’ll keep upgrading the dependencies, so jQuery will become redundant eventually.

I suspect that other 3rd party controls also rely on jQuery so it may still need to be included “just because”.

How about this then:

Specific includes per page that blank means “don’t include” ?

First of all, it would have to be included at the Session level. Having it load for a page is going to be way too late for the needs of the app.

jQuery is relatively small in size and if the caching is working properly, it’ll only be downloaded once per browser. Having the developer jump though all these extra hoops just to prevent the download of one small file seems crazy to me.