[New Free App] Issues-Ticket Formatted Link Maker

Hi everyone!

The Xojo issue tracker doesn’t allow most robots to view the ticket link contents and this prevents the forum software from generating a useful preview of the issues links. Frustrated with having to open a new tab I set out to build a better solution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve built Issues Linker, a menubar / trayitem app that will convert issues tracker links (or plain old ticket numbers!) into forum-friendly Markdown links with proper titles. Copy a link or ticket number to your clipboard, click the ladybug icon, and select Convert! When you hear the click your link is ready.

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Example formatted ticket link:
#69859 - Can we get a “Supported Versions” setup panel for Mac like we have for Windows? (closed)

I’ve run this by Dana, and she’s given me the green light to share my app!

Download for macOS
Download for Windows
Strawberry Software Website

Best wishes,
Tim Parnell


Just a friendly bump to catch some more eyes!
I find it super helpful when an issues link has been formatted.


I tend to agree. When an Issue link posted in this forum doesn’t reflect the subject, I usually don’t bother clicking it.

excuse my noobiness, but i tried it when released, i still don’t know what to expect. when i copy the link above, it does nothing

plus “link from ticket id” menu is always disable

ps : how did you make the menu from taskbar in windows, some mbs ?

Sorry for the confusion! Maybe I need to describe how it works better.

When you have an Issues link on your clipboard, for example:


The menu item “Convert Clipboard Link” should be available. Select this item, and the app will make a quick request to pull the name of the ticket. When it’s done, a markdown formatted link is replaced onto your clipboard and you’ll hear a little “click” sound.

[#71681 - True multi-core threads](https://xojo.com/issue/71681)

You can then paste this Markdown instead of the link to offer more context on the forum for your issues links.

#71681 - True multi-core threads

If you have *just* a number copied to your clipboard, the other item enables “Link From Ticket ID”

On Windows, that’s a TrayItem. This app was an experiment to abstract creating both a NSStatusItem and TrayItem using MenuItem. It was a fun success. I can now very quickly build apps like these.


ahhhh yes:)
“link from ticket id” is only available when it a valid ticket link is copied ?

Convert Clipboard Link is enabled when an issues link is copied.
Link From Ticket ID is enabled when *only a ticket number* is copied.

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bit of OT, but why is it depreciated ?
looks nice

I have put this information on the website in a “How do I use this?” section :smile:

As far as TrayItem being deprecated, you’ll have to ask Xojo Staff because I don’t know the answer. Please start a new thread for that :slight_smile:


Is it possible to make Issues Linker available via the web browser?
Most of the time I’m reading the threads on the forum on my iPad. It would be easier if I could go to a website and use the Issues Linker there.
Just my 2 cents.

Hi @Tim_Parnell, the link no longer seems to work?

There was a total of one user besides me. I’m working to migrate away from Xojo as a day job so I shut down the service. I contacted this solo user offering the web service source, but they have a lot going on and weren’t ready to take on the project.

I will contact you privately because I’m willing to share the code that interacts with the Gitlab API, but not my secret sauce that builds NSStatusItem apps in minutes.

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