Questions about Omegabundle Mini for Xojo Web 2017 Dev Tools Bundle

In the announcement of the Omega web bundle there was no weblink where you could get some information, here it is:
On that website is some information missing:
. For which platform is the bundle available?
. Is there any right for updates?
. Is the bundle prepared/ready for Xojo WE2 as announced in the sessionlist for XDC 2018?

I hope the vendors listed in this bundle can answer the questions.

[quote=362272:@Andre Kuiper]
. Is the bundle prepared/ready for Xojo WE2 as announced in the sessionlist for XDC 2018?[/quote]
There’s no way that it could be. It’s not available for anyone to use yet.

usually macOS, Windows and Linux.

Usually one year, but depends on vendor selling item.


@Greg O’Lone :
Isn’t WE2 not compatible with WE1 ?

We’ll see in Denver.

[quote=362287:@Andre Kuiper]@Greg O’Lone :
Isn’t WE2 not compatible with WE1 ?[/quote]
You asked if the bundle was prepared/ready for WE2. All I was trying to say is that the new framework hasn’t even been released, so unless you had a time machine there’s no way to answer that.

I’m assuming the developers will work with Xojo to make sure their products remain relevant when WE2 is released.

Let’s take a look first.
And see how much we need to change our projects.

Ill ask the others to respond accordingly. For clarification purposes, we are talking about Omegabundle Mini for Xojo 2017, which runs through 12.15.2017 and costs $199.

Paradigma only has Valentina Studio Pro (or if you purchased previously Omegabundle for Xojo 2016 or Omegabundle for Xojo 2017, an upgrade to Valentina Studio Pro Universal if you like) in this one. Studio Pro includes 12 months of updates. The current version is 7.5.4, and you’ll certainly be seeing 8.x coming along soon. Ruslan has dribbled out a few revelations there but there are some big ones coming for VSP.

Something we introduced with 7.1 was code generation, with the first examples generating Xojo modules. Ruslan’s been talking about this recently, but also about Javascript as well. We invite your questions regarding this, what sort of features you’d like to see. Check the link - if you reply there you’ll get a quicker answer from Ruslan.

Release 25 of GraffitiSuite is nearly ready. While it does add one new class for Xojo Web Edition and a LOT of bug fixes and improvements, I can’t speak to whether it will support WE2. I don’t know that Xojo has even given a date for release of WE2 yet, have they? Either way, I’ll be working on WE2 support as soon as I’m able through the beta program to ensure that GraffitiSuite is ready when WE2 is. Some time ago I made all of my WE classes subclasses of a custom object, so this should reduce the turnaround of such a change in functionality.

With the currently running Omega Bundle promotion, you get a one-year subscription to GraffitiSuite support and updates, which includes new classes, bug fixes, any enhancements, as well as email and our ticketing system for support.

Because i have enough trust in the devs of the bundle i Just ordered the bundle and if WE2 is not compatible with WE1, i can easily skip another year of updates of Xojo.

@Lynn Fredricks , @Christian Schmitz , @Jeremy Leroy , @Anthony Cyphers :

Any idea when i can get the download-instructions and the license-keys?

I have received all my codes and keys so something has gone amiss somewhere along the line. Did your order go through?

It can take some time for orders to process. I believe the timeframe here is to wait 72 hours.

Yes Paul, the order went through, i am sure. Probably i am too impatient as usual :wink: .
And as Anthony reminds, it take about 72 hours or as i read somewhere 3 business-days, as they are almost over i can expect the downloadinstructions and licensekeys within the next few hours.
Sorry to have disturbed you all.

Andre, repeat 10 times to remember: “Try to be patient”

BTW, i already have got the licensekeys from Lynn.

Lynn sends us the orders every few days, so we can deliver. Maybe the next one comes tomorrow…

What’s not very clear about it to end users is that the entire process is manual.

Yes, all the participating vendors have different licensing schemes, so once we gather a bunch they get sent to each vendor for individual processing. It is in the FAQ and also on the order page that it takes a few days. We process the orders through the Paradigma Software store so any keys from us get processed immediately.

Something else - we’ve updated the FAQ on the website with the last few questions that have come in.

There are only nine days left in the offer.

And delivered.