Pros and cons of Xojo

I have seen people being so negative about Xojo. As a software developer, I am interested in what people like and do not like about Xojo. I can come up with a list of things which I like about Xojo and things that I dislike. What do you like/dislike about Xojo? Maybe you can tell me something I do not know yet.

My positives:

  • I am familiar with the Xojo framework, more than any other programming framework
  • I can comment my code with the comment button (something you do not really get great functionality with for VB.NET with Visual Studio)
  • It is cross platform
  • I can dynamically execute code with XojoScript
  • OpenGL support
  • Amazing community

My negatives:

  • Very buggy
  • Been buggy for too long
  • Pretty slow

I could probably come up with more if I thought about this for longer.

Ohboy … another good or bad thread. I guess it would be more suitable to add your comments to other/same threads.

You love flame-baiting, don’t you? It’s the programmer, who makes the results. If you head over to the DaiylWTF you will see ways to f… up in all languages.

DailyWTF: . Grr…. I still can’t edit my posts.

[quote=53063:@Oliver Scott-Brown]My negatives:
Very buggy
Been buggy for too long[/quote]

There’s a saying about not letting the theoretically perfect get in the way of the very useful right now. Here’s another example. My folks live in a snowy climate. They have 5 or 6 big storms a year that require them to dig out their lengthy driveway to their palatial estate. If they don’t dig out, they end up with an ice problem on that driveway for a few days. They are both creeping up on 70, and they go out there with shovels and spend 3 hours doing this several mornings each winter.

Every year, I think about getting them a snow blower for Christmas. They can afford to get one, but there is really no reasoning with them on this. The only way they’d have one is if someone got it for them and didn’t include a receipt so they couldn’t just return it. So when you research snow blowers, you find that there are two kinds: gas and electric. The electric ones have generally started around $250ish, while the gas ones started around $500ish, retail. The general view has been that the electrics are toys and if you need a snow blower, you just better bite the bullet and get a gas one. But the past couple of years, the Amazon reviews have been remarkably favorable on a few of the electric models, and the prices have crept down to the $150-$180 range. Woot has one today for $145 delivered.

So I was really close to pulling the trigger on the Woot deal today, and my best friend, who lives in Tennessee and has family/kids in Iowa called up. I told him I was going to do this, and he told me not to waste my money and just save up for a gas model. One argument was “I know they usually only get 4” - 6", but what about the times they get a couple feet?" He’s not wrong, except that he forgot about the baseline, which is two people pushing 70 out in the cold digging out a driveway with snow shovels. Another argument was “It’s pretty difficult to manage that cord while operating the blower.” He’s not wrong, except that he forgot about the baseline, which is… see a couple sentences ago. Another argument was “Without gas power, the chute will get clogged up occasionally.” Again, not wrong, except he forgot the baseline.

So punchline here… Xojo may or may not be the buggiest software you’ve ever seen or that has ever been written. I’m not going to say you’re wrong, but I will say that a whole bunch of people in this community wouldn’t be able to (at all or at reasonable cost) ship products to paying customers without it. That’s your baseline. That’s why I pretty much always say that if you think Xojo is really buggy, file some good Feedback reports and help them make you happier, rather than complain. Anyway, long story short, the folks are getting the electric snow blower this year. Now to get my sister to pitch in for 100 feet of suitable electric cord.

I’m confused, can I use Xojo to get the snow off of my driveway or not? Is that coming in the next release? :wink:

Yes you are confused. As I am. :slight_smile:

Brads point is you have a job to get done & use it to get the job done - and that’s the only criteria that matters.
If it lets you do that jobs its a good tool for you.
If not it’s not.

What Norman said, plus I am looking forward to next year when the snow blower will be free to try on dry driveway, but to actually use it on snow will require a $100 license.

Small handheld snowblower beats the crap out of my “clear it with a tractor and it still takes 3 hours” :stuck_out_tongue:

I like xojo and none of its bugs have hindered me enough to moan. I’ve stuck with r2 for now and found it a real easy transition from rb to xojo. Sure there were changes and things to learn but it’s good.

If I found myself complaining about xojo as much as many do on here I wouldn’t use it any more.

If you brought a car with lots of problems would you moan, complain and cause a fuss and then buy the same model when the next manufacture came out. I doubt it.

Good work xojo, great product and many people are making a living out of it.

Less moaning and more productivity I say.

I use one of those long hand held torches you use to burn weeds, takes care of ice to.

I get odd looks from the neighbors though.

We don’t have much use for snowblowers around here, but I find last year’s Electrical model is also good for polishing lino and cleaning windows, though it is best operated whilst wearing a macintosh.

This year’s Gas operated model does solve the issue with mains lead tangling and electical trips, but the flame does go out now and again when using it on windows with small panes.

[quote=53088:@Norman Palardy]Brads point is you have a job to get done & use it to get the job done - and that’s the only criteria that matters.
If it lets you do that jobs its a good tool for you.
If not it’s not.[/quote]
I can totally agree. And I am just here to argue against people ranting about Xojo. To keep people using Xojo so we get a bigger and better community.

I forgot to say that I am not just “here to argue against people ranting about Xojo”. I know, this is what I said, accidental. I am also here because I am developing my own software development system. So please understand the full purposes of the thread. I am sorry if I did not explain, my bad. I want to know what people think is good for a development system like Xojo.

Changed the title to ‘pros and cons of xojo’. It was very stupid of me to title this a ‘debate’.

I’ve been watching Justified lately, and I totally read Brad’s post in the voice of Raylan Givens. And it fit both Brad and the content. LOL.

Ah… “the naivety of the youth”… :slight_smile: were that I was so young again… a time when I knew everything and the world was my oyster :slight_smile:

Now when I was a mere lad of 15, computers barely existed (discounting the 40 ton behemoths of course)… But near and about my mid 20’s personal computers where being to also come of age. And I too have been working on the next greatest software developement system ever since :D. The plus side… is I now have the appropriate knowledge to do so…

Be interesting to see what our young Mr.Scott-Brown comes up… or if he soon discovers that the task at hand may just exceed his current level of experience .

Oliver, you will soon discover that the world is composed of two kinds of people : those who complain the glass is half empty, and those who appreciate it for being half full. I personally have enjoyed Real Basic and now Xojo for its qualities, without being obsessed by its quirks. I know what it did for me along the years and could not have done the same as quickly with other tools.

I will probably never quite understand people who have a need to constantly complain and rant, nor do I feel for them. If they enjoy being miserable and regard everything as reasons for despear, they are probably built that way, and cannot help it. However, I refuse to have anybody rain on my parade. If somebody is unhappy because I am reasonably content, then let him rest in hell.

Life is too short to listen to trolls :wink:

When I feel fussy then I’m more of a “the glass is too big for its contents” kinda guy … when I’m more relaxed I’m more a “just top it up, dear” kinda guy :wink: