Problem with plugin valentina reports

good morning

with previous releases of xojo up before 2014 r version 3.2 had been working smoothly with valentina reports but this version does not work the plugin and error you see in the picture attached shows

any clues?


there’s no picture

Hi Jorge,

you decide try here also. Just only read your latest answers in our tickets.
Here you have forgot to mention
a) it is windows 8.1
b) other plugin - ChartDirector also is not recognized.

Can it be that Windows 8.1 cause some troubles because of permissions?

We have found this thread.

Looks similar

It seems people think this can be a bug in Xojo.

thank you very much to all

the problem seems resided in that I can not have many plugins installed on xojo.

It’s a shame but I must clarify that it was no problem valentina reports since I’ve always used and is excellent is my basis for xojo OF REPORTS

thanks for all

Interesting. I have never hear about some limits on plugins count.

  • Many this is how much there was in plugins folder?

  • Norman, exists any specific official limit? If yes, then Xojo should show dialog with warning.


btw it seems this Xojo forum allow you - as creator of thread change its subject.

Since there was no any problems with Valentina Reports, it can be good idea to change subject, for example, to
“Why plugin is not recognized by Xojo?”