Printed Xojo Documentation

I fully admit up front, I’m an old fart and have a hard time breaking old ways of doing things.

But I like printed books for documentation - NOT eBooks or PDFs etc. I have already printed a lot of the docs and put them in a 3-ring binder.

I have been unable to find any printed books specific to Xojo anywhere. Does anyone know of anything available.

Did you try a Google quest ?

Magazine, not book:

[quote=318760:@Emile Schwarz]Did you try a Google quest ?

Magazine, not book:[/quote]

xDev magazine is a great resource for Xojo. Its not the documentation per se but I use it all the time.

And I forgot to mention the avaibility of the 2016 year of xDev Magazines (6 issues) in a single book.

Watch the two recent entries ([ANN]) by Dana Brown about xDev Magazine.

Hi William,

I am the same way, as this is the easiest way for me to review material in solid paper form. If there are any of the I wish I knew how to series… that you would like in printed form, then send me a private message and I can make a hard-bound book for you. All I am doing is sending the PDF’s to a third party to print them for me. :slight_smile:


I do subscribe to xDev magazine and enjoy it much. It’s just not system documentation.

Eugene, I would appreciate knowing who you send the PDFs to for printing. I’ve printing myself on a InkJet and putting in 3-ring binder. A little awkward.

The fact that I have white hair and beard I believe gains me access to the old fart club. So I second Williams request to find some printed documentation. After printing about 400 pages, I must admit the idea of someone else printing them is attractive. It occurs to me that I could check online and see if Staples or some other chain does this sort of thing

On the other hand, Eugene if you know of some other, magical way to get someone somewhere to do this I wouldn’t mind knowing what algorithm you’re using :slight_smile:

google “turn pdf into bound book”
there’s tons of such services
never used one though

Printing technical docs is just not a thing anymore. It’s too costly and technology changes too rapidly which make printed docs go out of date quickly, further increasing the cost. Not enough people are willing to pay the cost.

However, you can certainly get the Xojo Documentation PDF printed by a service which may be cheaper and easier than doing it yourself. The FedEx Office site has a calculator and after playing around with the options I got a quote to print the Xojo Documentation PDF to 807 double-sided 8.5x11 pages, black and white only, on light-weight paper with 3-hole punch for about $155. Full-color was much, much more expensive.

Note: Keep in mind this would be for your personal use only. The Xojo docs are copyrighted of course so you can’t distribute them.

A second monitor for displaying the PDF could be way cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:

some services (not Kinkos or Staples - but a printing service) can do it cheaper… not a lot cheaper but cheaper.

Norman you’re right in terms of economics. However some of us “the curmudgeons” are just wedded to print. Here are some reasons print is preferable:

  1. Often easier to read if you grew up with books and not monitors.
  2. You take one day a week off from using electronics, think Sabbath Observers.
  3. Its easier to have multiple pages to flip back and forth. I know you can do similar things with a pdf on a monitor but it just ain’t the same.
  4. Well designed books choose the right printing font for the material and the type of reader. Monitors offer a different reading experience because of back light issues, kerning etc. Hmm the built in speller underlines kerning not a good sign :slight_smile:

Having said all that I do not believe Xojo should provide printed docs for the very reasons Paul stated.

William, I get a hard-bound book, full-coloured pages from bookbaby ( and my cost for printing and shipping it to Canada was about $45.00. The book was about 570 pages (Xojo OpenGL Core at The people at Book Baby were quite helpful.

It took a while to find this company, as other companies were going to charge me $1.00 per page, which would have made the book cost $570.00… ouch…

Yeah, Xerox copies shop can do that (5¢ the page ?) for far cheaper !
And usually no human work charges applied.

Check in your city (around the universities if there’s some in your city).

I’m definitely old enough to qualify as “curmudgeon”
Did grow up using paper books pencils etc in an age where you learned long division before calculators were a “required” school item

There are definitely things to like about books
At least dropping a book is unlikely to break the glass and taking one to the beach to read is much nicer than taking an iPad that might get stolen or wet

But the electronic versions do have some nice attributes - like being easier to update & so they tend to stay more up to date

O’Reilly had even come to that conclusion about the time of REALbasic the definitive guide from Matt and never did another print version (that was way way back in 2001)
And now a lot of their “books” are e-books

Chuckle, this topic reminds me of a joke:

Father: Pass me your book
Daughter: Dad, we don’t have books, everything is electronic now, and are on our iPads and phones now. Here is my iPad.
Father: smack
Father: That spider didn’t know what hit him… :slight_smile:

PDF books pro: the Search feature !

I have an SQL book (on paper) and missed that feature until I get the latest PDF file: the serach returns nothing ! :wink:

I am the opposite, scanning and OCR-ing all the paperwork coming in and start reading from screen.
And my entire bookshelf is now in Evernote and goes where I go.

I totally get the economics of electronic versions. In fact, I originally loved the fact that docs could be update and cheaper. However, after actually trying to work with ebook docs I found that it was much harder to find an answer, solver a problem or just bounce around looking for something interesting. And also know you can bookmark, highlight and make notes in ebooks. But for me, hardcopy just is easier to deal with.

I have a fairly large library in iBooks of novels and history - things that you read from start to finish without jumping around. As Norman suggested, I did a little Googling and found for about $70.00 to get it printed. I realize that it would be obsolete with the next release, but you can always use the hardcopy as a base and then check for updates in the ebook.

I wasn’t asking and wouldn’t expect Xojo to start supplying hardcopy books with each release. That would obviously be unpractical. I was just looking for some options to solve my problem at my expense. Just as little expense as possible.

Thanks everyone for great answers.


It was this way… many, many years ago :wink: