Preferred Payment Processors

[quote]@Michel Bujardet About PayPal:
My income quadrupled (yes x4 !) when I also accepted non-PayPal payments (via Paddle). A lot of people do not like PayPal.v[/quote]

I already use paypal for processing payments but Michel got me thinking is there another I should provide as an alternative to customers?
Why do customers not like paypal?

I don’t need VAT payment services such that the likes of pay paddle provides…

Does anybody use worldPay??

This is the question that always gets me, so I eagerly await more responses to this thread. PayPal has some of the best customer protection policies I know of and they tend to screw over vendors more than customers.

I prefer it when websites don’t integrate the credit card processing directly. That stuff scares me because I know that there are all too many incompetent web developers out there. I’d much rather be taken to a payment gateway on,, or than see an integrated form (or worse, an in-app form - that’s a big old “hellllll no.”)

Yes I would agree and that’s one of the prime reasons I chose Paypal in the first place… I don’t quite understand If there is a resistance to use paypal by purchasers, why that is.

Paypal scares people away because they are to ‘complicated’ with their account system, binding to bank accounts and such. Most people want to fill in their CC number and go with it.

+1 for I jumped on board with them because eSellerate no longer wanted my business and they’ve been great. Paddle deals the complicated side of transactions and that huge quagmire that’s Europe.

Why don’t I like PayPal, as a customer I don’t mind it, but as a vendor, PayPal screwed me over once in the past and I’ve never really trusted again since. What happened is that I’d let a couple of grand fill up our PayPal account, and then I really needed the money, so I tried to transfer it to my bank account. Not only did PayPal freeze the transaction, they decided they didn’t want to business with me and withheld the money for 3 months. I ended up borrowing money from family and wasting days fighting with PayPal. I also had to them find another payment processor to collect money from sales as PayPal refused to do that for me. definitely - we use Paypal as well, but people don’t like it - they just can’t see the “credit card” payment option, think they always have to have a paypal account and associated credit card etc. even though we go to great pains to point out they don’t.

Stripe is much cleaner, faster and cheaper.

my 2c

anyone use

Definitely had an easier and more pleasant time with Stripe than with PayPal. I think the Stripe user experience is much nicer too.

One client has had very good luck with Payeezy (I wrote this code) and another is using PayJunction (which I did not write). No complaints about either one. Since I didn’t pick either one it really is all about how expensive the transactions are. All of them charge something and some charge you if you don’t charge enough every month or give you a better rate if you charge a lot. Read the fine print of anyone you talk to.

Business is business, is business. As a seller, I am not entitled to whims and prejudice. If people want to pay with Paypal, and at least in the US they are MANY MANY MANY, I would be downright stupid not to provide it. The user does not have to open an account to pay with it BTW, but if he does, his credit is completely shielded from abuse, which is at least in the US a huge advantage. No more stolen credit card on unknown web sites, and a 60 days money back guarantee.

I believe if companies like Mac Donald’s go with Paypal, there must be a very good business reason. I tend to follow the leaders, They have a sounder decision system.

On the other hand, if I have enough customers that “hate Paypal”, I can offer alternatives. One of them being buying my stuff on Amazon, the MAS or the Windows Store.

Thanks for all your comments, they have all proved to be really helpful.
Paddle looks like the way I will probably proceed, due to the extended features it provides namely
automatic payment of vat in the eu to the relevant country.

I am developing an app that will include 4 optional modules that will be enabled when the customer signs up for them.
Customers can sign up for an individual module any combination of modules or all of them to unlock all of the features within the application.

Would this be possible using Paddle, has anybody developed something similar if so how is this achieved with code within xojo?

Do you plan to collect postal addresses of clients?
Than you need to make your own form before sending people to paddle.

[quote]@Christian Schmitz
Do you plan to collect postal addresses of clients?
Than you need to make your own form before sending people to paddle.[/quote]

Hi Christian no need to collect addresses from customers.

This is most used argument customers make for not using PayPal. Also, PayPal can block users and even you as a seller for no apparent reason. It then can take a long time (months) before they unblock your account and have access to your money.
Anyhow, as I advised before, using a good partner like Paddle who offer multiple ways to pay, will guarantee result in more sales. Mine quadrupled easily. I never looked back again at the time when I only used PayPal.

EDIT: I took a quick look at my sales made via Paddle for the last year: 41.2% used PayPal, 58,5% credit cards and 0.3% unknown (I think these are coupon codes etc…).
So here you go …

In terms of taking cards (not paypal, stick with them, the more options a customer has the more chance of a conversion):

I spoke to paddle this week and another plus for paddle here in the UK is that they transfer funds to UK banks with no fees.

I’ve also been looking at stripe. If you are using paypal already and just need card payment then they might be the way to go.

I integrated countless customers back when I was doing web 15+ years ago through many payment processors, some of which have since closed or been bought out by worldpay. With worldpay, getting a merchant account will be your biggest hurdle from there integration will be similar to stripe, but again you will get a marginally better % rate with worldpay but you need to go through more work, PCI compliance etc.

It basically boils down to time vs cost.

Time to implement vs cost in % for the service.

Paddle looks super easy to implement but they take a little more % off the top for the trouble of taking care of the vat stuff (not an issue if you’re not worries about vat).

Stripe might take a little longer to implement but you can make it the way you want it and they take a lower %.

Worldpay takes the most time and you get the best %.

What it boils down to is do you take the higher % and peace of mind or involve yourself more and get a better/lower %.

Personally, if you have a low throughput then go with paddle and move to stripe and/or worldpay if you are getting in plenty of sales where it will be worth doing the extra work for that extra 2-4% which might turn into a sizeable chunk of change in the long run.

Looking on the websites, it looks like Fastspring costs more than Paddle and Share-It?


  • 8.9% per transaction is charged with minimum order fee being $0.75
  • You can also pay 5.9% with additional $0.95 per transaction

5% + $0.50

7.9%, minimum 0.90 €
4.9% plus 0.90 €

Yeah, thats why I didnt include them :slight_smile:

You might get better rates with them if you do more volume. They do offer a nice service though, I just bought Tower through them and it was quite a nice process, so much so I wouldn’t have noticed that I was sent off to their site to complete the order if I hadn’t have specifically checked.

One thing that put me off with them though is that they weren’t up front about their costs. I could have quite easily signed up for their service without actually seeing a fee, I had to dig into their FAQ to get the info, that didn’t inspire me with confidence.

[quote]@Tim Parnell 27 Jul 2016 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro
Don’t use the Paddle framework. There is a drag-and-drop Paddle keygen out there. It’s not even a crack, it generates keys that validate perfectly. It works with anything using the Paddle.framework for keys.[/quote]

Ouch any one know if this is still an issue as I wouldn’t have a clue as to how to proceed without using paddle’s framework :frowning:

In its simplest form you just open a web page here:{product_id}

provide it with a product ID that you set up through their system and away you go.

You can then use a webhook

to get a response to the transaction and deal with it how you wish, fire off an email or whatever.

I don’t use the Paddle framework but my own PHP script. Works fine and easy to setup at Paddle.