PNG Files Not Recognised on Mac

Just getting to grips with my Mac mini. Actually Mac’s in general and it’s a slow grind but I’m up for the task :slight_smile:

I have some toolbar icons (actual PNG files) that work fine on Windows and some of them are fine in the Mac version and some are not. When examining and trying to open them I get an error, such as:

The file “Papirus-Team-Papirus-Apps-Blender.512.png” could not be opened.

First I though the double period was the issue but no dice when I renamed it.

No doubt something simple (?) but like I say getting started with MacOS so any assistance would be appreciated.



How did you make the pngs? Can you post some - okay and not okay?

Here is where I got the above from: Blender Icon | Papirus Apps Iconpack | Papirus Development Team

Loads fine for me.

Try to load the file again directly on the Mac. Then load both versions of the file into a hex editor like Hex Fiend to check for differences.

Like Beatrix, I had no trouble. What app are you using to open it? If you right click on the icon of the png, you will be told what the default application for your Mac has been assigned the task of opening png files. (This can be changed)

You are also given other options that you might try.

Yeh thanks for trying. Indeed I did try to download it directly on my Mac.

I shall try again.

@Robert_Livingston just using the default Mac app image viewer once downloaded.

It is a webp image file that is downloaded from the shared web site, not a png file.

What is the used OS version ?

Catalina think 10.15.7 from memory

Are-you sure your os is able to open .webp files ?

Select the .webp file and press the space bar to test it.

Well when I download it, it has a .png extension, not a .webp one…

When I downloaded (two times: once from the link, the second from the page after a click in “All Download Formats”), I get the .webp types.
I used the ContextualMenu, Save the Image, Save the Link (something like that in English), from FireFox.

I like to get the original data, I do not want to display the image in a browser document window and save it.

NB: I strongly dislike .webp file format because on El Capitan it was unknow. I get a MBP M1 last year only…


Simple click in the button:

The file entry in the Finder:

I have been using png pics on Mac for over a decade. Something may be wrong about your files.

Well I downloaded it from the same place @Beatrix_Willius did, posted above. Just did a direct download on my Mac and on download, the below pops up instantly:

Confirming Catalina 10.15.7

During betas Catalina had one issue like that, “rebooting fixed”. Try it. It affected many images previewed in Finder.

I just downloaded the file from Blender Icon | Papirus Apps Iconpack | Papirus Development Team

It works perfectly, and displays in Preview by simple double click.

Could it be that you did not download the entire file ? What you describe happens on slow connections.

Well I did an upgrade earlier today and a restart but I can try again.

Yeh. It’s strange. Not like it’s displaying 0Kb or anything. It says 12Kb…

EDIT: And have downloaded it a few times to check. It’s a small file so don’t think it’d be related to slow internet.

If it still broken, you could try a “Finder/Preview reset”

1. Quit Preview if it is running
2. Go to Finder
3. From the menu bar, click Go and Go To Folder, enter the following and hit enter:


4. Now drag this file to Trash
5. Restart your Mac

Thanks @Rick_A I’ll try a straight restart first then the steps above and see how I go

I hope it works. If not, I would say “upgrade to Monterey 12.6.3”. :laughing: