Pi Zero 2 W

I see the 2 W has been released now, anyone know if xojo will run on it, it looks like it has a newer processor than the original zero.

There was a whole thread recently:

I can also confirm this works, although I’m getting performance stutters on mine.

Well it only has 512MB of ram so it’s never going to run a heavy UI based solution. Whatl are you trying to run on it?

It’s a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 1GHz BUT… with a 450MHz 512MB SDRAM LPDDR2 that slow things down (memory I/O). Most desktop computer’s memories starts at 1333MHz+, almost 3 times faster.

What about Xojo Web?

Just booting is slow once desktop is loaded going to a webpage took 1:30 seconds

Running a web application(server) on the Zero 2 has been fine for me.

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It’s a microcomputer - it’s not designed as a desktop computer. Chromium is an extremely memory hungry program and not recommended for use on the Zero 2. I have written and deployed standalone web apps onto it from Xojo and the performance has been fine.

Running desktop Xojo applications has also performed well but at all times you have to think about 512MB of ram - if you start swapping then the performance will take a nose dive.

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Nice! even if it could have its limitations, this will be epic for embedded projects.


I’ve removed the desktop environment, seems ok now