Os x 10.9.5

Developed a little app on Xojo 2022.1.1.

Copied it to a relatively ancient iMac running OS X 10.9.5.

App icon shows it won’t run.

A quick search suggests it should.


minimum macos system for latest xojo is 10.11 el capitan.
so no it shouldn’t.

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For what it’s worth, you can find that information here:


From the above link: it says 10.10.5 minimum.
I don’t know if the documentation needs an update but for sure 10.9.5 is not supported.

I too was under the impression the minimum was 10.11
iirc, that happened around the time the IDE minimum upped to 10.13

Dunno though, hopefully Xojo’s got an answer

You need to use a version of Xojo that supports 10.9.5 Namely: 2018r2

(I hope that page never disappears!)

IIRC if you have a built license you can download and build with old Xojo versions…

But that will IDE only understands pure API 1…

So you would ned to rewrite it on API1 (I don’t think 2018r2 would even open a project originally created in 2022.1.1 )

That said it would not be hard to do that if you know API 1 for a small app.


Also I don’t know if there is an equivalent page with such a convenient summary for questions like this… I would like to see such a page that has all this information that is maintained and updated for newer Xojo versions.

For those that have situations where they HAVE TO support old OS versions, it is very valuable!

If such a maintained page already exists in the new docs I would appreciate a link to it.



Not the same information at all! Look at the look I posted!

Sorry. Wrong link.

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this old documentation gives different results than the new one @Anthony_G_Cyphers gave above
and I can surely tell you last xojo IDE needs 10.13 minimum !
so the “new” doc is false ? :slight_smile:

Interesting… BTW going the other way, although not officially supported by Xojo inc, with some minor changes, 2019r 1.1 can be made to work OK on Monterey…

Which is helpful if you have a project you want/need to keep pure API 1 (because of autocomplete)


Pinging @Geoff_Perlman for documentation corrections.

I don’t see the difference between:

Maybe you are talking about a different page and I am confused.

First, let me thank everyone for responding (on a Saturday!). This is such a great community.

The project is for a little science museum about 15 minutes walk from where I live. It will be used for exactly one day. So, it didn’t make much sense to rewrite it in Xojo 2018.

Plan B: Rather than using the obsolete iMac, we’ll use one of the museum’s monitors and drive it with another MacBook I have that will run the app. It’s just that the screen will not be as nice.

Again, thanks to everyone.

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You could also update the musem’s computer?

Per OS X Yosemite - Wikipedia
All Macintosh products capable of running [OS X Mountain Lion](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OS_X_Mountain_Lion) (v10.8.x) are able to run Yosemite as the two operating systems have the same requirements

Edit: in fact, 10.11 El Capitan has the same requirements, so (in theory) you could upgrade the musem computer from 10.9 to 10.11.

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I’m talking between these two and the old one here :

Sorry I’m still confused, do you mean this one:
and this one:

or are you saying that there is no mention of macOS 10.12 be deprecated? Latest Xojo needs 10.13 (as per the System Requirements page) and there is no mention of which Xojo version is the latest for the IDE to work in 10.12.

Note that Tim’s link shows the Desktop requirements and not the IDE requirements. Don’t know if that is causing confusion.

I’m just trying to make a point that if may be hard for Geoff to find what he needs to update because, at least for me, I am still not sure of the problem/error. Sorry about that, usually I can spot problems much better.

Technically it’s possible to modify the application’s meta data to allow 10.9.5 to launch the application (this can be done with App Wrapper).

However, I would never recommend going backwards, as the moment the application tries to execute an API that doesn’t exist on 10.9.5, it will die. The application may also be expecting different different results than what the API on 10.9.5 return, which again can lead to crashes.

As we don’t have access to the Xojo source code, we don’t actually know what API they use and therefore cannot double check any of this.

It’s one of the reasons why I’ve been advising those who share declares to improve their declare names and add comments as to which OS version it is supported on, but no-one else cares.