Omegabundle for Xojo 2016 Available

If you missed Dana’s announcement, Omegabundle for Xojo 2016 is now available through the Omegabundle website. This year we have 16 products for $399.99, all add-ons, extensions or helper applications. You are saving approximately 90% on this bundle!

In addition to products from Paradigma Software, Budjaret Software, Monkeybread Software, Ohanaware, Tim Parnell Software, Jeremie LeRoy Software, xDev Magazine are on board with some excellent tools!

Ill leave out details that are in the press release to avoid clutter here. Have a great weekend and come check it out!

Gah! Missing from the press release is Ohanaware’s Appwrapper!

Yes, it is included -

If you deploy on the Mac, you will want this useful tool for preparing your application for distribution on the Mac App Store.

Website had trouble the last days. If you tried to order and failed, please try again now.

I purchased this on the 16th Feb.

I don’t seem to have received anything yet. Not that i’m in a rush, but whats the story?

Well, I’ll forward to Lynn to check this later today.
You have been billed?

yeah, i got a receipt email

Hi Russ,

Sorry about the delay - all your Valentina stuff is in your account. You should also have an email with the license file for Valentina Server. All the other stuff from Christian and the others should be on its way over the next 1-2 days.

And delivered :slight_smile:

thanks folks!

Just a note, but almost all the email regarding omegabundle is being noted as Junk, or [Virus Error] by either Apples servers or not sure which to be honest

Is this happening to your license emails?

Which is your mail service ? GMail, Yahoo, Outlook/Hotmail, AOL, usually throw in spam anything that looks automated. That is why I systematically re-send download instructions manually to all my customers.

seems to be. yours, valentina-db and Sam Rowlands all went into Junk,i’m not sure why though

Sams one had the subject changed to [Virus Error]

its my apple account

[quote=250867:@Russ Lunn]seems to be. yours, valentina-db and Sam Rowlands all went into Junk,i’m not sure why though
Weird. Mine get sent from my personal email account via my everyday email client.
You should whitelist my email address or you’ll never get any replies if you need help!

I always appreciate being on the white list.
I get a few of bounces each week when people can’t type their email or my license key email is not delivered.

Just FYI, my original Valentina Server licence file was faulty in the sense that it only allowed one connection when it should’ve allowed unlimited connections. Quite useless. To their credit, Paradigma fixed this up for me very quickly.


That’s the default state if the license isn’t correct, but easily fixed.

Hello everyone!

I’ve extended the HTML Edit crossgrade offer for Omegabundle customers!
The HTML Edit for Web discount continues until the end of the bundle :slight_smile:

Visit the crossgrade page and enter your download key to get your discount.

It’s just a cheery on top of the already sweet deal from Omegabundle!

The bundle ends 31st March 2016.
If you like to get it, please order before that date.