older versions of RS/RB

Does anyone have an older version of Real Studion/Real Basic? I logged into Real Software’s site but they dont have any of the older version up. I would love a late 2009 or early 2010 version for the Mac. ping me off line please.



I guess Xojo will add them soon. Some on these editions are needed for certain O.S compatibilities, deprecated stuff that we all need. This has been a common answer: “Use older versions for achieving such functionality…”

Funnily, I searched in my Applications folder and could only find the two most recent ones (I reformatted not long ago and have been adding as needed). I then thought of looking in my old Time Machine backup and lo, I actually have two years worth of backups and among that I have 2009 (5.1), 2010 (5.1) and 2011 (1.1, 3, 4 and 4.1).


I don’t have the DMGs, sadly, so the best I could do is zip these up and share them (good thing RS needs no installers :smiley: )

i have 2007 release 3 (I keep it for win98 compatibility)

I have moved 2009 back to my Applications folder. I seem to remember that’s the last with PowerPC compatibility :open_mouth:

They are all back now.

Great. Only problem, I can’t download the files as our Company block clouddrive.com. I was told it’s an automatic filter provided by MCafee.

Another thing it might be a good idea to have a MD5 or SHA1 checkum of each file so we can check if the file has been tampered.

Well that’s going to be a problem, as we’re using Rackspace for our CDN from now on.

I can place a copy of the DMG in my dropbox on demand, as long as it’s through here and Xojo is aware and agrees :slight_smile:

BTW Eduardo, I still have RS 2010R3.2 on my G5, and this was I think the last one that could run on the PowerPC platform. RS 2011R3 I think was the last release that supported builds for PowerPC Macs.

Oh, Right. I knew there was a reason I was keeping so many. Thanks :smiley:

If I change URL From: https://storage101.lon3.clouddrive.com/..etc/ To: http://storage101.lon3.clouddrive.com/..etc/
Then I get following error from our company’s proxy:


URL : “http://storage101.lon3.clouddrive.com/v1/MossoCloudFS_fd2486ea-82d0-4ddd-8271-532326fa60ec/protected/Xojo2013r1ABs/Xojo2013r1b16Windows.zip?temp_url_sig=bad62a8054d8045655fc0658a5f604527e256f03&temp_url_expires=1368536019

Category : “Personal Network Storage”

I guess many big Companies/Organisations might block this site

The category your firewall/proxy is blocking is the same as Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and Skydrive. If your company lets one of these working, request the same rights to clouddrive.com to your sysadmin.

Seems only to be clouddrive.com they have blocked. I will wait to make the request when Xojo becomes public, as I will need a reason for why they should open the link. For now I will just download it from home.

I have just tried to ask my Company to give me access to download RS from: http://www.realsoftware.com/download/ which is on the same cloud drive as Xojo. Same permission as the other (Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and Skydrive) And they refused because it was in the category in their black list from McAfee. So I will just download it from home.

That’s really bizarre.

Lots of CDNs like clouddrive get listed that way since they haven’t “greased” the right hands at the security company. I used to run into that at the financial company a lot.


I don’t know what solution they use, but usually they can whitelist an IP or website, working around the preset condition. The problem is convincing the sysadmin. They must really trust in the user and his request. Denying and maintaining the defaults is the easy solution. If it was really necessary, some manager probably will phone him asking for a special permission. :slight_smile:

It’s outsourced to HP, and it will requiere lot of paper work to get it through. I will just download it from home

Just noticed. I can download the documentation on site: http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/Main_Page which point to URL: http://41160df63757fc043cfd-66287f38a83954e31a54d1dbe33e0650.r4.cf2.rackcdn.com/Documentation/UserGuide-Fundamentals.pdf

So if you also have the Xojo versions on the same domain as above, then I don’t have any problems to download the files from our Company.