Old Help Manual

EEeek Where did my old xoxo help manual go?

Which one are you looking for?
http://documentation.xojo.com is still up here
http://developer.xojo.com is the new one
and there’s a very useful revamped internal language reference.

I like the new built-in docs, but you can change back to the online docs in options.

Thanks. The documentation.xojo.com was what I was looking for. Is there a way to set this as the default XOJO help selection?

In the preferences, do not choose local documentation --> Keep the original setting (and you need to be connected).

Just an FYI that using the old wiki you might find there are more and more items that redirect you to the new site like this

Some prefer the old wiki format because the new system is a tad overzealous.

I’m working to switch myself to the internal LR specifically to avoid the new system. If System Preferences would let me set the keyboard shortcut to match what I used with Dash it would be so much easier (I don’t use CMD, just option-shift-d which is not acceptable apparently)

Would feature requesting a custom (or that specific) key combo for the LR be worthwhile, or would that get buried?


Yes, I’ve been looking for this answer!

docs is so much better and I, too, did not know what happened to it.

I was actually just going to post about this. Specifically - http://developer.xojo.com

Why oh why when I open that link and type in “drawoval” in the search box do I NOT immediately see this page:

http://developer.xojo.com/graphics set to graphics.drawoval ?

After enough times being quite frustrated by this it finally dawned on me that when I need to access one of the “draw…whatevers” it’s easier to edit the url to …/graphics than use the search field.

Another example: this page - http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/Array even though it redirects, is far more helpful than the page it redirects to because (thank the wiki gods) it still has a list of all the things i need to reference right under it - “split”, “append” etc. while the new page http://developer.xojo.com/array has nothing…and I don’t even know where to look to find them…

Is this what people are complaining about?

[quote=296121:@Tim Parnell]
Would feature requesting a custom (or that specific) key combo for the LR be worthwhile, or would that get buried?[/quote]
Buried ?
As in “buried in the mountain of other things” ?
Or “buried because we don’t want to see it” ?

The former - maybe - but there are already lots of requests for “short cut for” which, if done one by one, will result in several conflicts (fun)
Hence why I pointed out 6649 which is a more general solution.

The latter - we don’t do that.
We might mark a case as “Wont implement” but we dont just ignore things “just because”

I meant more like, can I get this implemented in the next IDE because I’m special even though nobody else has requested it. You know, like <https://xojo.com/issue/42763> or will it get a nice [middle finger emoji] like <https://xojo.com/issue/42678>

And a comedian apparently :stuck_out_tongue:

42763 was so trivial its not funny. I know. I implemented it. and I happened to be poking around in that bit of code for other reasons.
And realistically that option should have been there from the outset since it IS a valid, albeit underused, comment style

Not sure what you mean. The Array page (for the keyword) links directly to the Arrays topic page (in the related section). The Arrays page has links to everything you mentioned as well.

Oh Dear. REM. Back to the Future III is it ?

Its a valid marker for a comment and still part of the language regardless of what people think of it
Just like Goto

Yes, but on the old page there are immediately visible links and you see right there the words:

Dim statement; Join, Split, Ubound functions; Append, IndexOf, Insert, Pop, Redim, Remove, Shuffle, Sort, Sortwith methods; ParamArray keyword.

On the new page under related, it only says “Dim” and “Arrays”. So, there is less information and you have to actually guess that “arrays” is going to have more information than “array”. I guess I’m just not sure why the “array” page has only two related items. Why aren’t they all there?

For me, I was looking for “split” in the old docs, it’s clear that split is related to arrays and there are good examples:


In the new one, I was looking for split, but even on the arrays page, split takes me to text.split and as a new guy, I’m like “huh?” Where is the information for split as related to arrays and what happened to my trusty examples?

Also, try in the new one just searching for the term “split”. The relevant link is way down the page. I mean, the arrays link comes after “Migrating to the New Framework”. You’ve really got to have faith if you’re scrolling down that far.

So alt-shift-d as the Language Reference shortcut is happening?

[quote=296135:@Norman Palardy]And a comedian apparently :stuck_out_tongue:

Some additional ones could certainly be there. But it might not make sense to have lots of entries that go to the same page also listed there. I’ll have to try that to see how it looks.

I wouldn’t be bothering you if System Preferences would let me override it without a command key.