Old Help Manual

Hence why I pointed out

I appreciate your taking a look at it. my point of view is that the sooner i see the word i’m looking for, the more confident i am that i’m on the right track. i personally see no problem with listing a lot of entries that go to the same page because if i see “dim” and am looking for “split” why would i click on dim? for me, the sooner i see the word i want, the more productive i am.

Also, as i mentioned above, can something be done about searches for things like “drawpicture” so you would get the result …/graphics.drawpicture and be able to go straight there? that would be really helpful.

Unfortunately, not on the online site. The Dev Center does not directly own the older “classic” framework docs (that content is just iframed), so it is unable to search it well.

If you need more direct searching by method/property names, considering using the offline Doc Viewer built into the Xojo IDE.