no news on the native support of IOS ????

hi i hope that was waiting XDC to present the IOS support !!!
at the moment there is nothing new on the site/forum !!!
I think that at this point xojo must give the certain dates of presentation of IOS support.
The ad has been postponed several times.
eventually was told “it will be ready when it’s ready”, but this is not an acceptable response

at the end of 2014 ???
this is a really bad news…
i think that this is the way to lose buyers/developer that will look to other products

Then go with another product, Jury. I think this is great news. This is sooner than I anticipated and, with all that is on Xojo, Inc.'s plate, I think a very reasonable timetable.

“it must to be ready at the end of 2013”
now forecasting at the end of 2014
it was announced 2 years ago.
what is reasonable timetable ???

Who says “it must to be ready at the end of 2013”? I’m sure it was not anyone from Xojo, Inc as their response is always “it will be ready when it’s ready”

It’s only 7 years since Apple introduced the iPhone

Apple allows applications on iOS - which are not developed with Objective C - only since 2011:
Apple Press Info

Like many here, I am waiting for iOS with great expectations.

But I find the attitude “If I can’t have it right now am gone to cry” quite childish.

Other solutions exist to quickly get apps to market, for instance Livecode. So it’s not as if there where nothing available.

Patience is a major virtue for any serious developer. I rather wait to have something that works.

That Apple press release says September 2010, so by the time Xojo for iOS is released, it’ll be more than 4 years. No matter how you spin it, that’s just too long.

Do you have any idea of the engineering challenge developing an IDE for iOS is ?

They don’t develop an IDE for iOS (I hope) :wink:

I too think Xojo is a bit late to the party. On the other hand they hired an extremely capable programmer for the iOS project.

The basic question is: do you do it quick, or do you do it right?

If you want quick then use non-native controls etc like others are doing. Or maybe write a preprocessor to produce Xcode code (though that might make finding and fixing bugs really interesting).

But for native iOS apps properly integrated in Xojo a LOT of other things have to be there first, and in a years time we will see a LOT of changes. Not just regarding iOS but everything Xojo.

Engineering challenge = number of engineers x time spent per engineer. If you don’t let enough engineers work on it, the time to market grows. Thats exactly what happened at Xojo. It’s bad business planning.

You plan within your resources. Xojo isn’t Microsoft.

There’s so much venture capital out there, mobile is hot. Xojo could have looked for investors to raise the money needed to hire a crew of capable engineers and finish the job in two years max.

Vincent, you give so much advice. Why don’t you go out, hire a team of dozens of engineers, get millions from venture capitalists, and create a ware for iOS yourself ? Doing is sometimes more difficult than giving opinions, you know >:(

[quote=74995:@Vincent Verweij][/quote]
I don’t know if I should laugh or cry about your naivety, both technical-wise and business-wise.

I am really looking forward to the iOS version of Xojo and agree to some degree with others that I think things have taken a little too long to get to market but also agree that it is better to have something right rather than something that just looks like its doing the job as many of the other products try to do. Having been involved in raising venture capital back in the 90s I feel that Vincent has a point but people also need to realize that taking on VC money either from a firm or individuals is fraught with challenges and much of the money raised often has to go on altering the company structure and administration so that you can keep said investors happy. If you are going to go the VC route it should never be for a specific solution but for the best interest of the company as whole otherwise the VCs will screw you as they know you will be coming back for more later on so it is often better to give away a little more up front but get a large amount that will enable the company to progress well beyond current projects as shareholders never want to see you spend money with little results and unfortunately in IT technology moves quickly and it is a very difficult balancing act. One thing I think Xojo could have done is to pre-sell the iOS support to enable them to get funds to speed up the development process in a similar vain to Kickstarter. This would have allowed those who want it sooner to pay for it earlier. If we had to pay say $200 for iOS and in meant that it was delivered earlier then I for one would be up for that but their would need to be some real dates for delivery etc. If you could get say 1000 developers each paying $200 this would bring in $200,000 to Xojo which I feel would go a long way to help bring the iOS project forward and would also get people involved at an early stage which would then help to get more developers to buy after general release.

before “it will be ready when it’s ready”
it must to be ready for the end of 2013
you can check quali fossero le ipotesi here

from 2012 to the end of 2014 …
at this point anything can be the opposite of everything
we are waiting too long.