New Xojo plugin in beta RADPACK

If you want to be a beta tester for RADPACK, let me know. You can find out more information here


I could not find any information there?

Yeah, its Cryptic…


I think it’s supposed to be a set of controls that you use to replace all controls for that specific designed UI.

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The demo immediately throws a SQLiteException.

The Rapidweaver theme looks a bit dated. The Font Awesome icon in the browser tab isn’t configured correctly:

Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 10.52.31

Is his name ‘Dave’ or ‘Robert Filik’?

Is it Dave Duke?

Sounds like it. amazing how much work they put into this pack.

I have a few Xojo accounts! it is indeed Dave Duke (This is another member of the team account)

I was going to do the site in Xojo, by converting the plugin in to Xojo, but it seems most mouseevents are not supported in standard product, i’m sure you can do it in the webSDK, but I am not a web developer.

Just my 2C but if the Cryptic pack is equally as ‘good’ as the website … figures.

If you want to be successful selling plugins (or whatever) you really should start to create a decent and attractive site.
But don’t take my word for it … it’s just free advice.

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PM me your info and I will send a test version. Thanks,

(I’m not a web developer) and its very early stages.

If anyone wants to quote for doing the website let me know!

which platform

I understand but a bad website will not attract any visitors (and sales). You apparently put a lot of work into the plugin and that’s great! It would be a pity if it got not noticed because the website is … well… not very nice.

Not released yet, but I will get someone to update the site, thanks for the feedback.

Would be nice to get the site in Xojo

Controls are a small part of it, other features like font support, Dynamic data, encrypted comms, are a larger part.

The idea here, is not to do anything better , or that can’t be done in the standard Xojo, it’s designed so that you can do things in seconds/minutes , not hours or days. Rapid Application Development is the primary goal.

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