New battery evolution

Finally a battery that has real power. Great for portables, smartphones and iWatches:

Even better for the electric car. Twice the range on a single charge, range anxiety gone!

I was involved in a project developing the algorithm for embedded range-estimation for full electric cars. At the end I think only the innovation in battery-technology itself, including the recycling, can propel the entire world away from fossil fuels.
I heard only Qatar is not investing in this new developments.

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No, they sell oil !

Improve batteries, yes. But that in itself doesn’t get us away from fossil fuels.
Right now, fossil fuels are used to generate the electricity to charge them up!

Paris Saint Germain (French Football Team).

Storing energy is the way to the future when electricity is concerned. As of now, in practice, any unconsumed electricity simply goes to waste. And to insure a steady supply, providers have to produce more than precisely needed. Also, storing electricity during low hours would allow releasing it back at peak hour.

As for new batteries, I bet instead of making phones that last two days, they will make them even thinner, so they still need to be charged every night…

Keep an eye on The Netherlands and Germany.
Windmills and solar cells are subsidized. We need battery-innovation to store all the energy which makes us independent from fossil fuels.

Large-scale you can store electrical energy as compressed air. This has major advantages:

You can store it where it is produced (eg right beneath the windmill)
Conversion rates are relatively high, losses are low
Fast changeovers from storing to release, can even happen at the same time (important for the electricity grid)
Proven and robust low-tech

Reminds me of a particularly neat project on the island of La Gomera (Canary Islands), which had problems of power and water. The answer was to build three wind turbines. One powers a seawater desalination plant using reverse osmosis. The other two generate power for the island and to pump water up to a natural lake high up on the island. When there’s no wind, the water runs down from the lake (through pipes) to run a hydroelectric power station.

That is pretty much standard everywhere where dams are. Doesn’t have to be big dams either. You’d be surprised how many small dams are being build just to store surplus electricity. Unfortunately conversion losses are quite high, and you can’t get the energy back quickly (limited by the turbine and waterflow which are anyway being used during the day).

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Vanadium Redox batteries - to push this back on topic

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