New battery evolution

[quote=283067:@Norman Palardy]But we still call that game that looks a lot like rugby - football.
The weird thing is that the foot is hardly used. :wink:

There’s also some suggestion that “football” was “games played on foot” as opposed to on horseback, or via other means, and not as we assume today a game played USING only the feet

This history of the name “football” is quite interesting

The result
“Football” is a name applied to many games - US Football, Canadian Football, Rugby Football, Australian Rules Football (also a form of rugby), and Association Football
Many in North America refer to “Association Football” as “soccer”

But soccer is a non-contact sport for little girls, thus unsuitable for the honourable name of ‘football’. American football rarely uses the ‘foot’ so it’s out. Only Rugby League is suitable for the name. Go the Bulldogs!!! <\s>

This thread is definitely derailed…

Let me try to undo my derailing.

On a recent TWIT there was talk of the move to Alphabet’s Fuchsia micro-kernel — similar to what Apple and Microsoft have already done. The combination of massively reducing power requirements plus the doubling of power availability could quadruple battery life by working from both ends.

Windows already runs on ARM. If Apple is also running macOS on ARM (for later release), along with iOS which already runs on ARM, then these battery benefits could be huge.

It is vital for the IoT revolution otherwise we will fatigue from having too many devices to charge daily.

The concept of a car battery giving 600 miles between charges or a van/truck 300 miles would be revolutionary.