Nazi Swastika Avatars

Anyone noticed that almost all generic avatars here resemble a swastika?
For example look at my avatar, which was chosen for me by default upon registration.
It makes me wonder, was there any intentions behind this?
I have Slavic ancestry and more than half of my grand-family members were killed in combat against Nazis.

Yes, XOJO is intentionally hiding Nazi-specific swastikas in your avatars…

Give me a break.

Absolutely not.

Anti-Semitism is not an accusation that should be made even for a joke.

The Xojo staff and community are very diverse so what would ever make you think such a thing?

Ask Gravatar.

I wasn’t going to mention this, but they look like a KKK member in full garb eating ice cream while riding a roller coaster. Was that intentional?

Or is that just me?

Change it!
The sun wheel symbol has been used in Buddhism and Hinduism for thousands of years, with a totally different meaning. It does neither belong to some Nazis nor to their victims. If one asks for respect for the victims of the Nazi regime, then one should also show some respect for those much older religions. Those who try to ban such symbol tend to forget this.

[quote=119220:@brian franco]Anti-Semitism is not an accusation that should be made even for a joke.
I didn’t “accuse” anyone.
I just “wondered”.
BTW the avatars are provided by Gravatar, so there’s no accusation of Xojo staff here at all.

[quote=119220:@brian franco]
The Xojo staff and community are very diverse so what would ever make you think such a thing?[/quote]

While being ultra-allergic to Nazis and their ideology, I actually like the symbol, it’s so simple yet very artistic and magical.

Not sure if you noticed but it is a small square design rotated about the center giving it the same symmetry as a swastika. That is what you are seeing. Nothing more.


You earned a Godwin point. You really want to read this :'s_law

And especially this excerpt : [quote]there is a tradition in many newsgroups and other Internet discussion forums that once such a comparison is made [to Hitler or the Nazis], the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress.[/quote]

Like many French people, my family had to suffer two wars in which it got decimated. Yet, I learned to stop seing the hand of evil behind everything. Conspiracy theories are for limited minds. Stop dwelling on the past. Do you realize that any random symmetrical pattern will automatically create crosses, Celtic crosses, Maltese crosses and swastikas ?

Besides, you want to distinguish between the nazi symbol, and the swastika. The hateful logo is a recent invention, stolen from a much, much ancient sacred symbol found in hinduism which forms can be found as early as the neolithic.

I prefer to see in your avatar the manifestation of the sacred symbol of fortune of the ancient hindus, rather than the imbecile mention of the most unfortunate event of the 20th century.

[quote=119226:@Radium Radiovich]This:
Looks more like native american art to me.

Interpretation says more about the interpreter than the subject of interpretation.

psychedelic man :stuck_out_tongue:

That was the kaleidoscopic man, this is the psychedelic man

My brain is melting :stuck_out_tongue:

The swastika is a “spiritual” symbol in origin… symbol of hope and prosperity… both the German and Jewish traditions carried such a connotation with the symbol until the war.

Also, the “Star of David” (Hexagram) predates Judaism or known Judaic culture…

(Hindus did not derive their symbolics by combining Nazi and Jewish ‘heritage’) :-p

These are several Batman signs:

None have anything with kaleidoscopic figures too.

I’more afraid about this and there influence to our children.