mySQL and TLS 1.2 on Windows?

I am in the process of moving a customer’s db to a new server where mySQL 5.7.35 is setup with TLS 1.2. No problem with macOS, but Windows will always return an error without any error number.
I found quite some threads here about this issue (like mySQLCommunityServer and TLS 1.0/1.2) but could retrieve no information if this is fixed.
Is it or do I have to use Christian’s plugins to use TLS 1.2?

Old problem, but not fix at this day …


  • add old TLS value to you mysql server (check google to known the command)
  • use Christian’s SQL plugins
  • use ODBC connection with Mysql ODBC Connector (available at MySQL :: Download Connector/ODBC )

One day it will be a technical debt for Xojo…

Thanks, Thibault!
Although this is somewhat of a terrible answer: Isn’t it technical debt already? I mean, Internet security isn’t quite a new topic …
Guess there’s not enough points on this to make it a topic worth fixing … I am glad Var instead of Dim was.
If I remember correctly ODBC isn’t the fastest, so I guess like so often Christian will be the answer. Really getting tired. Not about Christian …

The usual: Don’t care, cant reproduce first try, close it? <>

Are you building the windows app on a mac?

Yes. Does that make a difference (in this case)?

Someone said that building in windows fixed the issue, you can try.

Sounds weird, but who knows – thank you, I’ll give it a try when I have access to my Windows VM again next week.

i try this morning to run a sample program (the code provide in documentation with my credential) to connect a MariaDb server 10.4 with TLSv1.1,​TLSv1.2,​TLSv1.3 config using MySQLCommunityserver class on xojo.

Compile on Windows 10 (fresh xojo install latest version 2021r2.1). Don’t work.

The same code compile on mac for a mac app work.

the code:

Var db As New MySQLCommunityServer
db.Host = "hostdomain"
db.Port = 3306
db.DatabaseName = "base"
db.UserName = "user"
db.Password = "password"

  if db.Connect then
  end if
Catch error As DatabaseException
  MessageBox "Connection failed. Error: " + error.Message
End Try

One day it will work, maybe :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot again, Thibault!
It’s so frustrating having to tell the customer he needs to invest into another plugin to have a piece of security that was introduced 13 years(!!) ago.
Same for web which is still unusable for me without Drag & Drop.
Could Xojo please rename the Pro license to something like “All platforms” only? Or consider adding MBS because without it really is not for professional use.

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Well, suggested workaround didnt work :neutral_face:

The other workaround was to use the MySQLCommunityPlugin from 2015r4.1, it worked on 2018r1 but not sure if it works on more recent releases.

More and more PROs are leaving xojo, that is a shame, even domain is now expired :slightly_frowning_face:

with very old version (i try a lot of version this afternoon), it’s work.

I try to put just the plugins in a 2021 plugins folder… just to test… don’t work.

A lot of mysql server host are up to date… and with no old TLS version…

Maybe @Xojo and the @Pro have to work on this… or maybe give us an answer

This issue is not really new, and (for me) connectivity to a database is a basic…

What? Oh, that’s disgusting.
Of course, that’s not a regression, because it was not reported when the bug was introduced.

I am so glad Xojo decided to cut down international support when they focused completely on newbies. I could not evangelise without feeling bad these days.

You guys are welcome to try MBS Xojo SQL Plugin and let me know in case you have trouble with TLS.

@Christian_Schmitz i already use MBS SQL plugins :smile:

But it’s clearly a bug and a technical debt for the future :slight_smile:

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Not true. It is a regression bug.