I have problem To connect MSSQL Server. The plugin not work

A little more detail please. What platform? Is the plugin installed correctly? What have you tried to do and what didn’t work? Do you have an example project? What was the error message?

I try xojo in my mac. I need connect to mssqlserver for developer application, the problem is: i create connexion to database when the play to debug and testing the error is the same error to connexion in the database.

Sql plugin not support in this platform

You need to use the ODBC plugin on any non-MS OS. Even though I develop on Windows I still use ODBC to make my apps xPlat.

@Wayne Golding : Do you also use ODBC to connect to MS SQLserver while developing a windows application ?


You can use MBS SQL Plugin with freetds library (on our website) to connect from Mac to MS SQL without ODBC drivers.

Also, on a Mac, you need to purchase an ODBC driver that supports connections to MS SQL Server. With the purchase of that product, it should include a DSN program to allow creating a DSN using the ODBC driver. Personally, I use the Actual Technology ODBC driver for MS SQL.

Windows has the MS SQL Server ODBC driver built into the OS. Mac does not. For either Mac or Windows, I always tell my code to use a DSN to connect to the database instead of directly addressing it from code. As Wayne pointed out, it is necessary if you want to ever support a Mac with your code.

with freetds no purchase is needed.

You get what you pay for. Actual Technology’s driver is much better. Just my humble opinion.

[quote=247898:@Terry Eutsler]Terry Eutsler 11 hours ago Alpha Testers, Beta Testers, Xojo Pro
@Christian Schmitz with freetds no purchase is needed.
You get what you pay for. Actual Technology’s driver is much better. Just my humble opinion.[/quote]

Not to start a war, but my opinion differs. I would say that the MBS SQL plugin is the way to go.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. The MBS SQL Plugin is a good one. In fact, if it wasn’t for a critical missing functionality in the MBS plugin, I’d be using it for sure. But, because of my applications requirements, I have to stick with the Xojo ODBCPlugin and a third party ODBC driver for Macs in order to have the specific functionality that I need.

MBS Plugin can also work with ODBC and the Actual Technology driver.

Does this work without the end-user having to install anything (e.g. include the freetds.dylib in the .app; no configuration file(s) in /usr/local/etc or the user’s home directory (${HOME}/.freetds.conf; all connection-parameters provided from within the .app to MBS SQLPlugin)?

Last time we tried, it did work without config files.

The connection string must contain all parameters.

We even once used it from Linux to Windows and were happy :slight_smile:

An example would be appreciated. The one included in the Plugins examples uses the Connection-Class. I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work with SQLDatabaseMBS.Connect. Somehow the Library (.dylib) has to be assigned and the “connection string” seems to go into “SQLDatabaseMBS.Databasename” somehow. Just… how?

Christian: Does your MBS SQL plugin support the rs.Edit / rs.Update? Last time I checked with you, it did not.

I don’t support Edit/Update.
I don’t like the idea of this automatically writing of SQL commands by detecting primary keys.