Monitor size for Xojo?

Hi guys,

so far Xojo has been a 5 - 10 minute application (5 - 10 minutes until a crash). But with release coming nearer I need to some “real” work with the IDE. I had noticed before that my monitor (1600x1080) has become way too small for the new IDE. Everything feels cramped and I constantly need to adjust the windowsplitters.

So what are you guys using for a monitor? 2500 something without Retina? What are people doing on a smallish laptop?

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On my primary development environment I just curse and try to get done as soon as possible. It is a 1366 x 768 laptop. On my workstation with a 1920 x 1080 monitor it is acceptable even it it does look like I am running VNC to a Mac.

I run a Retina 15" MBP, so I use it on 1440 x 900 most often. Though I have a Thunderbolt display I use too, depending on my mood, which is 2560 x 1440.

I do my dev on a 14" laptop (Windows) but with two 24" monitors attached. Xojo is ok, but doesn’t support the two screens well - if I set the Inspector & Library panels to float I need to reset each time I start Xojo if I want the floating panels not on the main screen…

So I use a single screen for dev with the other for debug runs.

I suspect Geoff’s recent post about buying apple 'cause it’s the best hardware was at least partially to get non-OSX users away from the sub-standard IDE offered for the others.

I do own a Mac Mini, but with only one screen I hate it. I VNC to it occasionally to see what my apps might look like, and from this I can see that ALL the effort for Xojo has been in the Mac space. No sorry Joe did fix a long standing bug with windows services as part of this cycle - and I can see the business logic for this Mac centric release. I am really looking forward to a swing towards xplat IDE users probably post R3 (if there is one).

I do understand the need for Xojo to release next week and to be frank I have often been amazed at how much gets polished in the FC stages in previous releases, so here’s hoping!

I bought recentyly a MBP Air 13 exclusively for developing in RealStudio. Have been developing better and faster than ever with RS2012. Then Xojo IDE came and the inspector and mouse/trackpad issues. It’s almost impossible to do anything without being insane for more than 15 minutes, with MBP Air resolution and trackpad clicks in new IDE.

I have had to move from my beloved Mac Air to a desktop computer with 2 monitors and a mouse. Sigh!

Honestly… crying. Hope IDE gets updated soon for laptop use. R1 is not good at low resolutions and adding a mouse, screen for a small laptop is not the solution.

I have 27" iMac but I run it at 1600 X 900 so I don’t need to use my glasses while using it. The Xojo IDE is a lot less convenient/productive for me than RS… For all the issues with the RS IDE the basic design philosophy seems to be more practical.

When i first joined the beta in Feb, I made a number of comments about usability and screen real estate usage … As it became obvious that no significant changes in design were going to be made (at least for R1) it was pointless to keep bringing it up.

It will be interesting to see the reaction on release… and then say a month afterwards when people have actually used it for awhile.

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I had to buy a new 27" IPS monitor to be able to use Xojo longer then 10 minutes or so. Before i had a 3 year old 22" Samsung monitor with a hdmi and a vga connection. The hdmi was so bad that i used the vga connection, but even then i could hardly read the navigator items and the icons were hardly recognizable. I had sometimes to look to the screen from a distance of 10 centimeter (4 inch) to see what i was looking at. The code hints below the code editor were largely unreadable with charactersizees of less then 2 milimeter.
Now with the new monitor it’s workable if you have only the IDE on the screen. With the RS IDE i had mostly also the documentation open on the left side of the 22" screen. Now even on the larger screen and with the silly landscape formatted documentation that’s no longer possible. All in all i think that there are made many design errors. I hope they don’t bring the Language Reference to the same unusable format.

Both monitors were 1920 * 1080.
If you need a new monitor get one with a IPS screen, these are much sharper and better readable.

@ Andre,

oh my. This sounds not so good what you experienced. I’ve got an older (6 - 7 years or so I think) Cinema display. But I haven’t had any issues with seeing things. Just not seeing enough.

But my eyes aren’t getting younger either. For instance, I can’t use Pixelmator because I can’t see the white on black. Didn’t interest the support one bit.

This is sort of an ironic thread. I work mostly on an 27" iMac running at 2560 x 1440. At that size Xojo works okay but I still have a lot of scrolling to do in the Inspector.

I did a 40 minute Xojo training video yesterday running at 1024 x 768 and quickly discovered that Xojo is practically unusable that small. You can’t make the Navigator or Inspector/Library small enough.

I see this as a huge issue that needs to get corrected very quickly (after R1).

If I had one real, major complaint with Xojo, it’d definitely be that it’s a real screen economy hog. My primary work station is a ultrabook with 1366x768 resolution. The old IDE is really fine, but Xojo is overwhelmingly large. I do have a 21" secondary to use on occasion, but I travel a lot and more often then not just have my trusty 1366x768 resolution.

I have to believe this is possible, as I use Photoshop and that has a heck of a lot of panels (way more than Xojo), but somehow I don’t feel overwhelmed. Sure I don’t have all the room in the world, but I can certainly work.

I agree with Amando, the solution is to cry. :frowning:

Are there Feedback issues? Some issues are simple to describe (make the §$%%& windowsplitter movable over the complete window) and others look like deep workflow issues (working with the navigator and the tabsheets).

The windowsplitter feature request is quite old: <>. I still don’t get how anyone can have ideas like this. Pretty but grrrrr…

But how do we describe the more complicated stuff?

MBP (1440 x 900) + at least one of two different external monitors - 1440x900 or 1920x1080
But I’ve always had at least 2 monitors when I sit at a desk. On the road its just me & my laptop.

Need to buy a new MBP so I can get back to my normal 3 monitor set up :stuck_out_tongue:

“If you need a new monitor get one with a IPS screen”
PLS used to be worth the different (+$200) over an IPS, but not anymore. I prefer 1920x1200 instead of the 1920x1080 because of the extra vertical space. Of course, everything is moving to 1080p, but I’m willing to work on a slightly off sized monitor to get some precious vertical space.

FWIW, over 75% of Xojo beta testers have a screen resolution width of 1440 or wider.

Which means 1 in 4 users are not. Large percentage of your user base to be disappointed on day 1.

Agreed. I am anyhow in the 75% of users since Mac Air 13 has 1440 x 900. So the user base will be more than a 25% for sure!

Only 3.2% of our users have 1024 x 768 resolution.

I think Geoff should have shared the statistic that 95% of the userbase has a screen width of 1280 or higher.

These days height is a big issue with the 16:9 (or other widescreen) aspect ratios being common… hence all the talk about the height of the inspector…

In any case as i said I am running my 27" iMac at 1600 X 900 because it’s a lot easier on my eyes than running 2560 X1440.

That 1600 does not make up for the intemperate use of screen real estate by the IDE.

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