Monitor size for Xojo?

@Geoff: the problem is that EVEN with a 1600x1080 the new IDE feels like clothes one size too small.

I don’t think that anyone ever complained about the basic navigation or screen real estate in the old IDE. But Xojo has too much information on one screen. Take for instance the search/compile errors screen. The navigator for the complete project, the search results or compile errors and the code are showing. On my 1600x1080 monitor all the areas are too small for what I usually want to do. I’d rather have more space for each pane but then have to click to switch panes.

What is also totally annoying is that I have to move the windowsplitters rather often. For checking error I get the screen I just mentioned. But when I compile and want to debug then I don’t need the errors area.

Amen. While the majority of my work is done on a 30" screen, I can be enormously productive with Real Studio on my 11" MacBook Air. Screen width is not so much of an issue on that, but height is.

768px is THE MOST usual screen height in the world.

The most usual screen sizes (for the average guy) is 1366x768 worldwide. In USA there is a fight with 1024x768.

For R2, we should think about it.

We will certainly be looking for ways to improve use of screen space in r2. I was just pointing out that most of our users have screens much wider than 1024.

And surprisingly it often has far less information displaying than Real Studio did. The Navigator is missing two complete columns that showed Super and Interface information. The (interim?) solution is to show that information as a tooltip that is very inefficient compared to Real Studio because rather than a glance I have to have choose to view it and wait for the tooltip.

Bigger interface that’s show more, but less useful, information.

I’m rarely at a desk when I do most of my development (13" MacBook Air), so a second-screen is rarely an option for me.

RS2012 could seem a little tight at times, but was always completely workable.

I’m definitely struggling with Xojo’s screen space–particularly with debugging :frowning:

I can’t help but wonder: How many of the design/dev team have tried doing serious development for one full day in the Xojo IDE on a non-retina laptop? I know it’s not an ideal dev environment to be encouraged in any case (by a longshot!), but it sounds like it’s not a negligible part of the user-base either.

I REALLY liked debugging and search in their own tabs in RS. Xojo tries to put too many disparate things on the screen at once, making them less readable and usable… It’s too busy for my taste.

And yes, having to move splitters instead of changing tabs (to a less cultured view) is annoying

  • Karen

I REALLY liked debugging and search in their own tabs in RS.

Definitely iMac 27".
Just wish the navigator can be resize to smaller width or detachable.
Currently, I detach my inspector and library and have inspector on the left and library on the right.

I try using Xojo on my new Mac Book Air 11". No a good idea at all.
Can’t even see the middle part properly.

[quote=9681:@Richard Duke]
I try using Xojo on my new Mac Book Air 11". No a good idea at all.
Can’t even see the middle part properly.[/quote]

Same with Mac Air 13" and 15" MBP with enhanced resolution (antiglare display). Had to attach an external monitor, which makes coding an nightmare, because the space betwen the laptop/trackpack and monitor…

i thought with a bigger screen on Mac Air 13" and 15" MBP , it should be better.

The external screen makes it bigger, of course. But placing the monitor and laptop side by side, makes typing uncomfortable. I end up with neck and wrist pain. The bigger the monitor, the more you have to turn your head. I have opted for a desktop computer, and leave laptop for others uses, until a more polished GUI is released. Not the end of the world, as it will get better in further releases.

This topic will never end people. :wink: We are becoming repetitive.

The summary I see is: R2 needs a redesign for being better workable and productive with screens height 768, width 1280 at least, with fast access to switching/hiding panels and tabs with that limited screen space using fast and easy keyboard shortcuts with optional clickable counterparts.

Let’s wait for the R2 cycle for IDE workflow/panels/deeper-redesign features.
Now let’s focus on R1 bugs because I see we need a R1.1 ASAP post release to alleviate worst impacts. :wink:

Amando, what about something like this for the notebook and used external keyboard and mouse.

Excelent Richard! That’s a wonderful solution. Thank you very much :slight_smile: Placing order!

I have reopened this Thread for the MBP 15. I have exchanged my MBP 15 with an Antiglare Display (thanks Apple!) for a rebate and the native resolution is 1680 x 1050, almost HD. Those little pixels made a huge change in Xojo IDE.

I couldn’t afford a new Mac, and the change of resolution (and antiglare screen that my old eyes love) and adding an Hybrid Momentus XT 750 made a late 2011 MBP almost a new one.

Really satisfied with the change, screen, performance, and without having to spent a kidney.

Geoff, please, give us back the movable main window. With RS, I installed a second monitor on my Mac Mini and it works well. With Xojo and the fixed main window it is a PITA to use.

The new surface looks a bit more like “toys r’us meets iOS”. These iOS type sliders take too much screen space, especially when working on a laptop. The old checkboxes did the same job very well for the last decdades, so why replace them?

The greatest way to deal with this will be to give the user the choice between old and new look, just like MS did that in Windows.

On the other hand, I do like the grouping of the controls very much, this is better than the pure alphabetical order of RS.