Modern Xojo GUI

I haven’t seen any real strong examples of a good UI created in Xojo. Most of what Ive seen looks kind of old-fashioned but I really like the IDE can someone show me some examples?

Here are some.

I am currently working on a Windows Modern UI touch enabled app. I will try to post some screen shots when I am back home.

A UI is only as good as the developer and the time they put into it. This is true for any language.

Fact is, using the default system controls leads to kind of “old fashion” interfaces in both Mac OS X and Windows. Even in iOS.

A reasoned use of custom controls and efforts to allow space and clean navigation can do a lot.

Finally, following the Human Interface Guidelines for Mac and the Windows Design Guidelines is recommended to obtain modern interfaces. As Windows is concerned, the difference between default controls and Modern UI apps is striking.

Have a look of our new Cardsmith application, I believe that this is a very modern design for an application.
Welcome page:

Templates screen: Which is built-in the to the welcome page and card management:

The actual card editor, showing the photo effects:

The print dialog with a real live preview:

The sharing dialog:

Then some custom card:

That looks great Sam. Very nice!

Cheers Marco.

One of my favorite modern examples is iFFMpeg.

seems not been made with xojo ?

Precisely. The author is Christophe De Vocht, who brilliantly demonstrates that Xojo is not doomed to obsolete look. I know he poured a lot of work into that, but the result is IMO outstanding.

His web site is real nice, too.

It is - surprise !

Xojo can be made to do a lot of things… but I think the original question is more about if the framework supports native modern controls/look/feel or do you have to build your own (which takes a lot of coding and graphics design talent).

I don’t use Xcode so I don’t know if there are more/different UI controls/effects available there. Since I mostly write things for in-house use, glitz is not a high priority for me and what Xojo provides meets most of my needs in that department.

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XCode offers more options, especially in terms of transparency, but intrinsically, the native controls are just the same. So designing custom controls to obtain a modern look is just as necessary.

Visual Studio for Windows is just the same. VB, C++ and C# have more options as far as background colors and stuff are concerned, as well as autosize (autogrow) for labels, but the Windows Design Guidelines for Modern UI clearly discourage use of PopupMenus and menus in favor of ListBoxes, for instance.

The more users get accustomed to Web design, the more apps tend to converge toward that model.


if you look inside the app, there is no xojo framework folder
so how can you say it’s made with xojo ?

Check with terminal. Then do ‘ls -lO’ (that’s an uppercase ‘o’)

This looks familiar :slight_smile:

Isn’t the font that I see on the start up screen for iFFMPEG Comic Sans? The icons in the preferences don’t look very polished. On the screenshot above from Albin the contrast could be better.

Looks nice, but needs a bit more work I’d say.