Missing libocci.so.10.1

I have just installed Xojo on my Mint 19.1 system and on startup it reports:

I have searched the whole system and it doesn’t exist anywhere.
It is not available through software manager.
Xojo doe run without it so I tried running through a beginners example code and part way through
editing an action code for a button I got;

[quote]libocci.so.10.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directorySegmentation fault (core dumped)

Any thoughts as to how I can fix this?

You may want to read https://forum.xojo.com/11100-how-to-run-linux-build-in-mint/0

This may help: https://forum.xojo.com/37267-linux-installer-question/
specially this post about Oracle plugin:

You could remove database plugins from the plugins folder.
Sounds like oracle!?

@Stphane Mons I just downloaded a zip file with Xojo in it. I didn’t build it
@Christian Schmitz I removed all of them and all from the Plugins and the Extras/Database Plugin resources.
Still does the same thing.
Thanks for the suggestions guys