MBS Xojo Conference, 27th November 2015 in London


In just two weeks we start our Xojo conference in London.

Do you want to join the conference or one of the evening dinners?

The conference will start on 26th November 2015 in the evening with a
casual get-together. The exact location will be given earlier same day.
Meet your colleagues, have a drink together and chat about what’s new in
Xojo world.

Our conference sessions will run on 27 November 2015 from about 9:00 to
17:00 o’clock with lunch and coffee breaks in-between. Our schedule:

08:00 Registration
09:00 Welcome
09:20 Stephane Pinel: Xojo Keynote, What’s new in Xojo this year and what is coming
10:00 Hamish Symington: Build Automation, A one-click process for building compiled, signed installers using Xojo
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Christian Schmitz: MBS Keynote, New in MBS Plugins
12:00 Tomas Jakobs: Products, How to create a product. Tomas will take us on a journey how to shape a Product out of a XOJO software project.
12:20 Chris Carter: Controlling, Controlling a model train with Xojo
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Richard Duke: Made with Xojo, Artscene and ACME, applications made in Xojo
13:45 Christian Schmitz: PDF in Xojo, Overview about PDF solutions for Xojo
14:15 Trisha Duke: Xojo Reporting, Smart Reporting in Xojo
14:45 Jakob Krabbe: Quality Internet, A short introduction to how things can be the same as today but better.
15:10 David Cox: Scaling Web Apps, The things I’ve learned about supporting Xojo Web Apps for unlimited clients
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Norman Palardy: Xojo Q&A, Ask questions about Xojo to one of the engineers (via video conference)
17:00 jvind Sgaard: Andersen, Xojo in Broadcast
17:30 Christian Schmitz: CURL, What you can do with CURL, the powerful library for network transfers.
18:00 Closing Session, Raffle & Goodbye

On the evening, we offer to have dinner together with others in a casual
get-together. If you like, extends your stay for more days and stay the
weekend in London.

Take the chance to meet Xojo engineers and ask questions. Add extra days
and spend a weekend with the family in London.

Registration is possible at the MBS website. Cost is 69 including VAT.

Register form:

Space is limited, so be quickly. We are looking forward to meet you all there!

PS: Please tell your Xojo developer colleagues.

Christian Schmitz


This looks like a very impressive event and I wish we had the time to come over for it. Keep up the good work as your panel guests are very well respected in the Xojo community. Good luck and have fun!

For those of us unable to make it across the pond. Will you be recording and make the sessions available at a later date for a fee? Some of them look really interesting.

Well, I don’t make promises.

And I’d really love to see some more people joining the event.

I’m so much looking forward to this event!
It will really be so much fun!
As the little child waiting for Christmas…! :slight_smile:

I’m all done with the presentation and I showed it to my colleague earlier in this day.
We are both very curious for the response…!

haha we’re doing the same this evening… except I am not finished yet and… I have good german beer next to me :wink:

Is there any other type? :slight_smile:

Nice picture!
I don’t have any “London style”…!
I’m really looking forward to listen to you!

… and I must admit… I’m NEVER afraid of speaking in front of an audience … but this presentation is really something different!

I feel as the different person! To have such feelings for a 15 minute conversation, it’s simply not me!
When we get to the last slide… then, that’s the moment of truth! :slight_smile:

No alcohol was wasted in this process. (At least not in this evening, I may add!!)

it depends… where do you come from… if you’re coming from Munich everything outside Bavaria is not considered as beer :wink:
Same With Cologne, everything else than “Kölsch” is considered as water and be advised never to order your “Kölsch” in Düsseldorf. They call their beer “Alt” you might risk not to be served then :wink:

[quote]I feel as the different person! To have such feelings for a 15 minute conversation, it’s simply not me!
When we get to the last slide… then, that’s the moment of truth! :-)[/quote]

Don’t be afraid… it’s good that many of us will arrive the day before. So we all already know each other when sessions will start :wink:
This helps a bit…

Christian, do you still have space? Carol and I are thinking of coming over.

That would be amazing!!

To find the hotel may be the tricky part.


I’ll stay at Holiday Inn Express
London - Wimbledon South
200 High StreetColliers Wood, London, , SW19 2BH United Kingdom

The web page says “only 4 rooms left”. (I checked for the dates as I’m staying. Nov. 26-30.)

This hotel can be difficult to find at other services such as booking.com or hotels.com. (It’s not listed.)

We do have seats available!

Actually people could just show up on the 27th and pay the ticket in cash if needed.

And seems like the hotel still has some rooms available.
Depending on the length of stay, it may be worth to stay in Wimbledon the days of conference.
For sight seeing it may be worth to stay closer to the center of London.

Superior guest room is still available in hotel from Wednesday to Monday.

that would be a wonderful honour and Trisha and I would be happy to give up our slot for speaking if you wish to give a presentation.

Well, I hadn’t planned on presenting but I could do a presentation on the new report designer for Shorts. Up to Christian (or whomever) if that’s what they want.

bob, my presentation is just a filler…

Whatever. Let me know if you want Database Design using ActiveRecord or Reporting using Shorts.

Reporting using Shorts please… will the new designer.