macOS Popover window limitation

I’m in the UI design stage of my project and a Mac-style popover window would be a great solution for one challenge I’m having - but there are scattered comments here in the forum about popovers being impossible, possibly due to changes that came around in API2. Can anyone clarify? The macOSLib popover example works just fine.


If you see the Roadmap, it is the number 1 position.

Current version of Xojo there are no popovers.

I understand it’s not a current feature. My impression is that some change in the framework makes them impossible even via Declares. Anyone?

Popovers work well if you don’t have anything clickable like a listbox in the listbox:

This is done with the MBS plugin. But you might want to check the bug system for more recent information on popovers.

Popovers are possible, but like B says there’s problems in the framework which screw up co-ordinates. So as long as you use 'em for information only (like B does). Otherwise get ready to steal NSEvents and translate co-ordinates yourself.

If possible, I would join the Testers group and try out the latest build.

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Can confirm what Gavin is saying, I received an e-mail about that too.

Are you suggesting that popovers are in testing?

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Was I too subtle?

In earlier years, discussing betas was prohibited in non-beta areas of the forum. Has this changed recently?

No, discussion of betas is still restricted to the Testers channel.

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We discuss those now in the Feedback System :wink: