macOS 64 bit build on Windows?

XOJO 2020r1 / Windows 10

I just have upgraded my Xojo license to DESKTOP (Windows, macOS, Linux).
I did this espacially for being able to build macOS apps, and I note that I can’t build 64bit macOS.
XOJO 2020r1 does not even give the possibility to build 32bit macOS ???


Apple no longer supports 32 bit apps on MacOS. If you still need to build 32 bit apps for older versions of MacOS, you can use an older version of Xojo to do that.

What is the incident? It is the missed possibility of generating MAC APPS from Windows and Linux. I would appreciate if it would be possible soon.

I am very disappointed .
This has cost me 299 $ for what ???
I thought with this purchase i would be able to build macOS apps on my Windows PC … Not so !!!
CROSS PLATFORM … I don’t think.


I think the point, Geoff, is that the OP can’t build MacOS apps in Windows. Full stop. Xojo is not a use any platform to deploy to any target at this point.


We are aware of that issue and working on it. However, while at the moment you can’t build directly from Windows, you can build from a Mac. Given that we allow users to install their license on more than one computer, a user could design and test their app on Windows then debug and build for Mac on a Mac. I agree this is more trouble than being able to build directly from Windows but at least it can be done. We will continue working on solving the linking issue that is preventing building directly from Windows.

I also continue to remind users that if you are going to deploy to a platform, as a developer, you should have access to that platform for testing during development.

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Except that you need a Mac to build on and you can’t remote debug from Windows to Mac either. Buying a Mac is not an inconsiderable expense for any average person.


Agreed but it’s not good practice to ship software, even to beta testers, that you as a developer have not tested yourself on the platform upon which your beta testers will be testing.


@Volbragt_Etienne - i think this has been discussed several times in the forums. Last time very loudly too. If you were in the US I would suggest you file your complain through the FTC; otherwise just ask for your money back, sit back and wait for the linker thing, get a Mac to go with the Xojo license as it seems that it is now a requirement. The solution to your problem really boils down to those three (well maybe four) things. None are great answers but they are the only answers.

I should mention the irony that I don’t think Xojo or RealStudio or REALbasic EVER successfully compiled Mac apps on Windows. Maybe it did at times when I wasn’t watching, but all the times I tried it, REAL/Xojo either crashed or stalled or didn’t make a successful file.

However, REAL/Xojo ALWAYS has been 100% solid compiling Mac and Windows binaries on Mac. Works absolutely perfectly.

This has ALWAYS been a hole-in-the-feature-set for REAL/Xojo. But Geoff is right, if you are going to make Mac apps in any serious fashion, you’d at least better have a Mac around. The Mac-Windows world has always been that way - Mac hardware can do Mac and Win software, Win hardware can only do Win software. It’s a long, permanent history.

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If anyone decides they would like to have a hosted Mac for doing builds and testing, these guys are the best deal I have found for Mac Mini hosting. Compared to MacStadium, you can actually own the Mac Mini for less than the price of renting one from MacStadium.

The best deal is to buy one, with a 0% 12 month finance, and then use their deal for 1 year of hosting for $10 / month (1GB network connection with no bandwidth limits). They also provide a full warranty on your machine for as long as it is hosted with them (and provide backup machines if yours goes down for repair).

If I were looking to pick up a Mac, I would really be considering this. Their rental price is definitely not as good as their colocation deal. I’m not suggesting to anyone that they should be forced to buy a Mac, but if it was something they were looking to do - this is a pretty decent deal for a cloud hosted Mac Mini.

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And you really don’t have to spend that much to get an old mac mini you can run headless to do this. You do need to be able to assign a Xojo license to it. But if you are Pro, you have 3 machines you can do anyway.

Or if you travel or have need to do this when not in your office, co-locate the machine at Macstadium ($34/mth for 100Mbps speed, unlimited bandwith) or MacMiniVault ($30/mth for 500GB transfer limit).

As Michael notes though, MacMiniVault has even better pricing for the first year – even can finance a new mini. But really all you need for this is a cheap 2012 mini off eBay.

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All of these 2012 Mac Mini’s I don’t believe will be able to run Big Sur, which might be important for testing.

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I had not tried on any of my 2012, but it looks like you are right according to this page. However that page does say it works on 2014 models, which are still pretty cheap. And gets you 4K video output if that is important for any testing.

But it is good practice to advertise like xojo is doing it? Rediculous practice. Under normal conditions I would say it is not to even think about. Bring the linker to that point and please don’t tell me it is llvm. We are using also third party libs and had to rewrite them entirely. Rtos c lib for dna is best example. It is that part of the job of xojo what makes a hobbyist solution to a reliable platform solution. In xojo2019r3.2 it is allowed to compile os/x 64 bit. You tested this? No. Cause it is not and was never working. So what? Xojo has not the cross platform capabilities except you’re working on Mac instead of windows or Linux.
You tell all the time people shall buy used Mac. The entire point is that soon there is Mac silicon and x86. So I need two mac computers. And old ones are not helping. Mostly not able to do what we are doing with software.
Xojo should first change their marketing policy and tell exactly from which platform to Whitehall platform it can compile. So maybe it would help.

Don’t understand me wrong: the xojo idea is really good. But the way they are doing is not. It is a question of business practice. Not if a good or bad program.

You can’t build for Mac from iOS either since we don’t deliver an iOS version of the IDE (or a web version for that matter). Users understand that development happens on a desktop or laptop computer so this is necessary. The issue with building Mac apps from Windows or Linux is a temporary one. For the overwhelming majority of the years that Xojo has been available, you’ve been able to build for the Mac from Windows and Linux and you will again in the not too distant future.

It’s a rare instance where a user is upset by this limitation FWIW. It does happen and we will fix it but it’s not common for users to complain about it either. Most just work around it for now.

We are not going to change or complicate our marketing message for temporary issue with a single platform (Mac).

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Nice to know. Is there a release date this year?

There is no question about iOS ide there is the question of iOS development under linux

That is your question. But someone else could easily ask why they can’t develop for Linux from iOS. They don’t ask because they (a) don’t have the need and (b) understand that development is going to happen on a traditional computer.

The issue with building for Mac from Windows/Linux is a known issue. It’s something we are working on. It’s temporary.

Many businesses are affected by the pandemic but they aren’t going to change their overall message because of it. Why? Because it’s temporary.

I understood correctly that there will never be development for iOS with windows or Linux? This I can’t understand but it is your decision. How it will be with android development on windows / Linux?