Mac Big Sur 11.3 released ->lost license...Still

Be warned about this, it hasn’t gone away. Check you licensing after updating to Mac OS 11.3.

I just installed the Mac OS update 11.3. I’m running Xojo 2020R2.1. Once again the licensing is lost following the OS update. What’s new here is that if I open a .xojo_project file it does no automatically save as a binary file without warning allowing me to continue working with the .xojo_project file extension that is really a binary file. You could do a lot of damage that way in source code control.

Now if I make changes I am allowed to go on working. But when I go to save the change the only option is as a binary file.

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From what I read, the only way to avoid this is to update to Xojo2021R1 or later.

If you need to stay with Xojo2020R2.1 then every time you update your macOS you need to fix the license before working with Xojo to save in .xojo_project format.

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I heard that too. This is the 3rd time I’m posting on this. This is an improvement over the previous version in that I have to save as a binary file. Previously I just kept on working.

Right. We found out about this issue after 2020r2.1 was shipped (during the r1 cycle) so you’ll need to update to the latest version.


FWIW: I can confirm that with the latest release it worked again after updating to 11.3.

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And what is the reason?
Can there be something fixed for older versions?

As far as I remember Xojo bases their registration scheme on some sort of hash on the main hard disk/macOS version. That worked until some change of Apple made the hash change with each new version of macOS.

So no, the issue can’t be fixed for older versions.

OK, yes it was 2020R2.1 and I filed a bug report back on February 22. Here’s the case.

63788 - Disappearing user license keys

It’s marked fixed and verified.

It’s odd to me that now I’m asked to save the project and the only choice is binary. That’s an improvement though.

As soon as I finish the project I’m working on now I’ll update to the latest Xojo.

That’s not a change. When you have no license, you cannot save in version control format. I can’t remember if XML requires a license. It’s been this way since Xojo was Xojo.

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Happened to me, too, a couple of times and I use XML.

Then I’d say XML requires a license too.

That is a change. I can’t tell you how many hours I and others have lost because it didn’t do that. It kept saving as a .xojo_project file and you would never know that it was now a binary file until you tried to commit changes. And even then there was no clue as to what happened.

It’s not a change. .xojo_project has always been the text format, .xojo_binary_project is for the binary project. They didn’t magically go back and change the behavior of your 2020r2.1 build either.

I think what @Duane_Mitchell wants to say, is that the lost license is not obvious to the user.

  1. You update macOS (as always)
  2. You start your untouched Xojo
  3. All looks good and you are working, working, working … all looking good
  4. You finally save your work … all is still looking good

BUT(!) as your license is gone, Xojo saved in the binary format and you won’t notice it necessarily. You usually do the latest when firing up Git or when trying to build your app. The good things:

  1. At least Xojo is saving at all, could be worse :wink:
  2. It’s finally fixed

The bad news:
No backward fix for those working on BS with an older Xojo version. And 2020R.1 is considered old in this perspective.

@Duane_Mitchell I would encourage you to upgrade, I did for all my projects and didn’t run into any new(!) issue so far.

Pretty good discussion here back in Feb.

Apparently the IDE would allow for the owerwriting of a project file with binary format and not warn you. I don’t know why it now pops up a Save As dialog when saving? It’s a good thing though.

That’s the scenario.

I am just finishing a project now and will upgrade just as soon as I deliver and hear all is well. Thanks.

I’ve seen this many times, but not the overwriting. When the issue pops up and I hit save, I get a Save As prompt. That’s the first clue that something is wrong.

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It’s the content that’s different without notice (the content of the .xojo_project file itself becomes binary) meaning one may expect the .xojo_project file to still have the text based content but it’s not.
Xojo has added a notice in 2021R1 but it can still write the binary file content into .xojo_project files

It looks like with 2021R1.1 you no longer can save a binary project with .xojo_project extension:

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Yes. If you’re not paying attention and choose to overwrite your xojo_project file in that Save As dialog, you’ll do exactly that.

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