LockedIDEPosition replaces Style

In some containers i get strage IDE bahaviour.
After restarting Xojo the IDE setting for Style is gone but i have a toggle for LockedIDEPosition. I don’t know what this toggle does.

Do you use Web Essentials Widgets ?

If i use this plugins and change the type of a WebLabel to WeLabel, the IDE shows LockedIDEPosition instead of Style.
This happens on Xojo 2014r2.

That sounds like a bug in Web Essentials.

Edit: My assessment may have been premature. Brad and I need to look into this further.

Respectfully, Greg, please explain your conclusion.

It’s certainly possible for developer controls to change which properties appear in the Inspector, and if the problem only appears when switching a super from WebLabel to WELabel, the problem is likely there.

So you’re saying that in 2013, I set things up so they’d break the 2014r2 editor. I think I understand now.

No, i’m not. So I’m not appearing “lazy”, and you’re online, lets see if we can get to the bottom of this. Since I don’t have the sourcecode to your controls, I’ll need your help though.

  1. Can you tell me if your control has a property named IDELockedPosition as Boolean defined in it?
  2. If Yes, is it set to Visible in the Property Inspector Behavior dialog?
  3. Have you disabled the Style property by creating a constant named ShowStyleProperty with a value of False?

I have a project that use WebLabel in many WebPages.
The project was working well.
I dediced to add Web Essentials Widgets to the project.
I have made a “hard” find & replace action to change all WebLabel To WeLabel because the highnumber of WebLabels in the project.
I saved the project with the new name.
When i open the new project for all the WeLabels the inspector doesn’t show the style popup.
The last thing in the inspector is the LockedIDEposition.

I forgot to say that the project is working as before, the only strange thing is the missing style popup.

  1. No

  2. No

Could you send me a copy of that control so I can see how it interacts with our framework?

Sure, if you’ll clarify your initial remark about it.

If changing the super from WebLabel (our control) to WELabel (your control) causes issues in the inspector, that’s the most likely place the bug exists.

[quote=118364:@Greg O’Lone]If changing the super from WebLabel (our control) to WELabel (your control) causes issues in the inspector, that’s the most likely place the bug exists.

Cute. I’m going to take a detailed look at this first and tell you which version of Xojo breaks things. Back atcha later.

I’ve performed the following test using 2014r2:

  1. Open the Web Essentials 2013.8 project. This contains the WELabel subclass and a web page that tests it.
  2. Ran project, verified that WELabel works as intended.
  3. Saved as “Copy of WE.xojo_binary”.
  4. Reopened “Copy of WE.xojo_binary”.
  5. Ran project, verified that WELabel works as intended.
  6. In wpLabel page, changed super of txtSized from WebLabel to WELabel.
  7. Attempted to run, got an error about txtSized implementing an event unique to WELabel.
  8. Saved and closed project.
  9. Reopened, attempted to run, got same error.
  10. Changed super of txtSized back to WELabel.
  11. Ran project, verified that WELabel works as intended.
  12. Saved and closed project.
  13. Reopened, ran, verified that WELabel works as intended.

Greg, if your suspicion were correct, and WELabel somehow “caused” (and not “exposed”) the reported problem, would the above sequence have worked as it did? I’ll answer that for you. “No.”

Ralf and Marco, can you both verify that you are both working exclusively in 2014r2 (or later beta)? There have been historic copy/paste bugs in the IDE. You’ll see the folders organized and instructions accompanying Web Essentials written so as not to trigger those IDE bugs. A perusal of release notes over this year’s releases indicates a lot of work on copy/paste. Now, I’m no expert on the IDE code, having no access to it, but my hunch given the evidence at hand is that the problem lies there rather than in my product.

Rick, hilarious! And quite appropriate.

I’d still be interested to get a copy of your WELabel class. Assuming it subclasses from WebControlWrapper it should be easy to identify what’s going on.

I open the project in 2014r1.1 and the style popup is present in the inspector.
In 2014r2 the style popup is not present. Instead i see the LockedIDEposition switch.

I’m on a Windows 7 Professional - 64 bit - Italian language.

Bad assumption. WELabel subclasses WebLabel. It adds some syntactic sugar and an optional workaround around a long-standing text assignment problem with WebLabel. Users must specifically and intentionally invoke that work-around via a computed property.

You guys have a copy of Web Essentials (https://xojo.com/issue/31056)>]from the last time it was incorrectly blamed. I think a retraction of a particular statement is in order before I comp you guys another copy.

Look Greg, I have been and am more than happy to help you guys track down problems with your product, especially when they are exposed by reasonable things I do in my code. I’m not happy being blamed for mutual customer problems when there is no sound basis for blaming me.

Heh. I went back and looked at the case and my “Apology” was marked private :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve fixed that so everyone can see it.[quote=118377:@Brad Hutchings]I think a retraction of a particular statement is in order before I comp you guys another copy.[/quote]
I’ll go look at that project to see if I can tell what’s up.