Loading live streaming video

Is there a way to use either the Movieplayer or HTMLViewer control to watch a live streaming video from YouTube? I would rather not launch a separate browser app unless necessary. I can get either control to (seemingly) load the URL but they won’t play the stream.

Env: Windows, Xojo 2021r2 Desktop

I haven’t tried it specifically for YouTube, but you should be able to use libvlc (Xojo-wrapped here: https://github.com/charonn0/RB-libvlc ) to do this.

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Thanks, I’ll take a look at the vlc libs. I was really hoping for a solution that doesn’t require 3rd party code but … whatever it takes.

It’s supposed to work. There are some other threads on the forum (e.g. Windows 10 htmlviewer youtube error) that suggest it may be something specific with your settings. Worth exploring before going 3rd party.

Actually, it seems like it was that particular project file. Since it was still early in development (less than 100 lines of code) I just trashed it and started a new project file.

FWIW, I’ve written a media player app in Xojo, and it uses the HTMLViewer for streaming audio/video, and the movieplayer control for playing locally stored audio/video files. Works great, but I’ve only run it on MacOS.

(Edit: Forgot to mention that it works fine with Youtube streams.)