Windows 10 htmlviewer youtube error

Well, well…
Windows 10 is killing me. I have scoured the forum and nothing seems to help.
Whenever I try to load a YouTube video into an HTMLViewer, all I get is a black screen. All my app help is with YouTube videos.
I’ve tried changing the render to webkit/native, I’ve tried every conceivable combination of LoadUrl strings

The dumb thing is that in Mac, it works perfectly… here’s the Mac code:


When I try and do this on a Windows machine, I get just a back htmlviewer… is there a fix for this?

if I try
I get a message
Flash-embedded videos are no longer supported but you can still watch this video on YouTube

The funny thing is that, on windows, this all used to work!

Native or Webkit renderer ?

I’ve tried both - neither work

The original URL works for me with both Native and WebKit in 2019R2.1. Which version of Xojo are you using? 32- or 64-bit?

Both working in R1.1 as well.

I’ve tried the latest version as well as the 2014 version - neither work :frowning:

My goal is to have my YouTube video be full screen and fill up the html viewer. I can get it to load everything else but not YouTube.

I’ve even tired movie player - no dice

Have you tried on a different system? As I said, it works here. Something may have changed with a Windows Update.

Or perhaps something is amiss with your specific windows internet security/privacy settings?

You may want to set the userAgent property.