Little Xojo Conference in UK

So we pick the 27th November.
Location will be same hotel as last London event, the Antoinette Hotel Wimbledon.
I’ll make announcement when things are signed and booked.

and if you are there on 26th evening already or stay on 27th evening, we probably have dinner with the group.
e.g. Jimmy’s Restaurant on the same street as hotel with a great buffet.

and announced on my blog

So I’ve calulated and organized my trip to London and would like to share it with you. Maybe something is helpful for anybody else from the contintent.

For travelling I am using long-distance-night-bus for 116,- EUR only (2-way ticket Germany-London-Germany)). I hope I can find some sleep there. Arrival will be on Thursday, 26th morning at Victoria Station. I will depard on Monday evening on November, 30th.

I booked a single room with WLAN, breakfast in the Flexistay Aparthotel, close to Underground Station Tooting Broadway (Northern Line) just 2 stations and a 7 Min-Walk away from the Antoinette Hotel paying 344 EUR for 4 days. it has good ratings and the price is fair.

For public transportation within London I ordered my Visitor Oyster Card at It will be sent to Germany the next days. Once in London I will buy the London Pass at Tourist Information Centre for free (and faster) entrance on top sightseeing locations.

The Bottomline for 4 days:

Hotel (344 EUR) + Travel (116 EUR) + Oyster (64 EUR) + London Pass (129 EUR) = 653 EUR

Looking forward! And hope to rumble with you guys through London :wink:

Beside Stephane and me, we got already 4 suggestions for presentations from attendees :slight_smile:

so, unfortunately, It turns out the 27th will conflict with something my other half had arranged without telling me.
i cant imagine you will loose much sleep over me not being there though :slight_smile:

whole day? Well, we’ll miss you.

Unfortunately I cannot join this event, since I have another conference in NL, scheduled on Saturday 28th, which needs quite some preparations. Wish all attendees a great xojo developers meeting in London and hope all the great news will be posted afterwards.

For everyone:

Club Double Rooms (slightly smaller in space than a Classic Double) at £70.00 per room
Classic Double Room at £79.00 per room

Rates are inclusive of VAT, and parking.

Full English Breakfast is £11.95 or £8.95 if booked in advance.

Guests should call our Reservations department on 0844 567 8950 to reserve their room, quoting ‘Monkey Bread’, in order to obtain the preferential rate.

This allocation will expire on the 3rd of November 2015, at which time all rooms not reserved will be automatically released back to the hotel without charge, and the preferential rate will no longer be applicable.

We got the first 10 people registered :slight_smile:

Now where is the rest?

Also hotel allocation is valid only a few days, so hurry.

I got more from hotel for 26th November booking:

[quote]If the night of the 26th is required, I can offer the following rates:-

Club Double Room at £92.00 room only
Classic Double Room at £100.00 room only

so we do have an offer for 27th and one for 26th.

Seems like we now have 15 at least :slight_smile:

Still need more people to decide to join. Please tell your friends.

Christian! I truly admire your enthusiasm for these meetings! I just notice this thread in this morning!
Eventually I’ll join one!

We’d like to welcome you. Makes it more international!
We already have 5 countries on the list.

Cannot wait to see you all…

Always nice to get together and see old friends again and meet some new friends.

I’m just looking and I think this discussion may also be valuable for others.

What airport is the closest?
Gatwick, Heathrow or Stansted? London City?

How long time will it take to get to the hotel from the airport? Do you go by cab or public transport?
How many are staying more than two nights…?

It just feels bad to leave London on a Saturday… But at the other hand, with the limit financial resources, at the moment, maybe Hippodrome has to wait! :slight_smile:

Any chances of a live stream of the sessions?

[quote=225877:@Jakob Krabbe]How long time will it take to get to the hotel from the airport? Do you go by cab or public transport?
How many are staying more than two nights…?[/quote]

It Depends, if you are coming from Stansted then there is a Stansted Express each 30 Minutes to Victoria Station. Heathrow is far closer to the City, you can jump on Underground there. London is one of the best Cities I know regarding Public Transportation. And as far as I know - please correct me if I am wrong - Oyster Card (kind of Pre-Paid-Card - is the best Choice for using it.

When talking about Cabs I would suggest to minimize the use of them. You may need them if you’re traveling in the early morning or night. But on daylight Public Transportation is far better. Always use the Original London Black Cabs, not the so called MiniCabs.

And yes I will arrive one day earlier on 26th in the morning and will depart on Monday, 30th November in the late evening. Do not wanna miss a Weekend in London!

I will not make one. Sorry.

[quote=225877:@Jakob Krabbe]What airport is the closest?
Gatwick, Heathrow or Stansted? London City?[/quote]

Gatwick and Stansted are outside Greater London, so you may need to take a train to go to city and than switch to subway.
Heathrow and London City may be easier. I’ll go with Heathrow and take a subway. It will take over an hour with subway.


Look into the London Pass. It may be be cheaper than buying a lot of things individual.