Little Xojo Conference in UK

Let’s talk about Xojo Conference (in UK)

This is a proposal for a smaller conference to be hold end of November in UK near or in London. Exact location is not defined, but should be easy to reach by subway/train/airplane.

We plan for 20 to 30 people. I will run a doodle query to find the best date for this event. If you are interested, please sign up.
Once we have a date and minimum 10 people, we can announce it, book conference room, send invoices for tickets and everyone can book their own hotel room for sleeping.

For the cost we have three options, but we may collect something like 50 pounds and include coffee breaks, lunch and snacks.

The session list for speaking will be done later when we know who is coming. Everyone is encouraged to share something. Speak 15 minutes or more about something you like to share. Like showing your main project you work on, an interesting Xojo class, plug-in, control or technique. We may also invite someone from Xojo Inc. to speak about what’s new in Xojo.

What do you guys think? Interested?

Meeting would probably be full day from 9 am to 5 pm. With options for dinner together the day before and the conference day.

doodle survey here:

Just done ours

9 already on the doodle query. More please :slight_smile:

doodled :slight_smile:

I wonder what people think about hotel prices.

Maybe it be better for international travelers to stay near airport, or stay in a suburb like Wimbledon instead of the center.
Seems like hotels are much cheaper more to the outside.

Having the hotel near the airport would be very cool to me !

I would arrive at StanstedAirport others perhaps at HeathrowAirport. Any ideas from lokals?

If the conference is not at, or near, Stanstead, then it looks like there is a good train link…

Similarly, for Heathrow…

and Gatwick…

Personally, I’m a bit further west from Heathrow, so if the conference ends up deep inside London then I’ll probably take the train to Paddington station and use the underground railway from there. If it is further out from the center of London, such as Wimbledon, then I’ll probably travel by car.

Wimbledon has so much to offer and is one of the best places for transport links (train, tube, tram, buses) and a good choice (over 200 restaurants) and a good selection of accomodation. also a great place to bring family with a vast array of good entertainment and shopping.

We could use the same meeting room as we did in 2012 as this is very spacious and across the road from a newly refurbished Jimmy’s with an expanded menu.

Well I am bot year sure.
Pancras station is good for people coming with Eurostar.
Near heathrow airport is good for people with airplane.
And not in the center like in Wimbledon may be cheaper for hotels.
Anyway everyone can take the subway to come anywhere :slight_smile:

I’m pretty much easy on location. anywhere near a tube.
I get into Euston which is nearby for St Pancake, so maybe somewhere round that area is ok?

I must admit i avoid London usually if i can!

Would be nice.
If traveling will not take too long, I consider joining.

I’ve just noticed i put St. Pancake instead of St. Pancras !

Russ, i did not know there is saint called St Pancake. Do a google search.

His saint’s day is Shrove Tuesday :slight_smile:

I love pancakes :wink:

funnily enough i like St. Pancras. mainly the champagne bar.

Tom should be able to come along, and should be able to do the same days as me. He’s on holiday at the moment.

I would like to see some more people vote.
Currently one day is leading, but two others are a few votes behind.
Now if 5 more people vote, it may not be the current favorite to win…