Little Xojo Conference in Netherlands

Let’s talk about Xojo Conference (in Netherlands)

This is a proposal for a smaller conference to be hold in September in Netherlands near the beach. Currently I’m thinking to go to Scheveningen, near Den Haag. There we could rent a room in a hotel.

We plan for 20 to 30 people. I will run a doodle query to find the best date for this event. If you are interested, please sign up.
Once we have a date and minimum 10 people, we can announce it, book conference room, send invoices for tickets and everyone can book their own hotel room for sleeping.

For the cost we have three options, but we have to soon decide which one to use. One is like 20 Euro and all your food and beverages are extra. Second one is 49 Euro and this would include coffee breaks, lunch and snacks. Third option would be to include some dinner and charge more like 79 or even 99 Euro. It’s just that if we include more in the ticket price, we have more budget and can provide more food/beverages for free.

The session list for speaking will be done later when we know who is coming. Everyone is encouraged to share something. Speak 15 minutes or more about something you like to share. Like showing your main project you work on, an interesting Xojo class, plug-in, control or technique. We may also invite someone from Xojo Inc. to speak about what’s new in Xojo.

This is an event where you can bring family as they can enjoy the beach that day. September should be nice unless it is raining.

What do you guys think?

doodle survey:

Good Idea and a good place.
i would prefer the complete charge for the catering.

Would be nice to get a soon Date for it because i’m very busy in september ;-))

For a date I would love to see at least 10 people participate no the survey and maybe then ask the hotel for a matching day where the room is available.

For the date, I have a suggestion.

I think Xojo205r3 have to be released at last on September 30. Why ? Check the rsum below for the Xojo205 releases:

Xojo 2015r1: 2015-02-17 (for the January-March quarter)
Xojo 2015r2: 2015-04-14 (for the April-June quarter)
Xojo 2015r3: your date guess is equal to mine (for the July-September quarter)

It will be good to place the conference after Xojo 2015r3 release (if possible): think at all the frustation if by unluck it will be released the day after the conference (or so).

Just a suggestion, and remember: I am not in God secrets (sorry, Xojo secrets).

yes, i agree Christian - first we have to ensure that enough people attend.

Why wait? If Stephane has time to come, he could present what is new in Xojo 2015r3 anyway :slight_smile:

I checked almost all dates but 1 and 2 September. It is a terrific idea.

No need to wait for 2015R3. Having no idea of the release date, it would be foolish to speculate and sink that great initiative.

It’s been many years since I have been to the Netherlands…

Do you don’t like to meet at the weekend, like saturday?

for me a week day and the weekend is fine. Please mark all days you can come, so we can easily find something.

Fantastisch location! :wink:
I can come by bike.
Count me in, except 25 until 28 September.

I would realy love to come. But I will be not available from 14-28 sep, Holidays.
Looking forward to it.


Roland, please use the survey to indicate when you have time.

I can’t come, but let me add some thoughts:

  1. In general, September is a very good month for these kind of meetings. Kids in school, not so much work in the garden, the summerhouse…
  2. Maybe Xojo can help to locate people using Xojo in Europe…? I mean, to get this invitation you will need to be active on the forum in this very moment. Many active Xojo users may not always use the forum. Like me! :slight_smile: Social media can also be quite demanding!

However, I think the idea is great and if I had the opportunity, I’d vote for the most expensive alternative. It’s not that much, after all. I’d love to share the project. However, I wish to come little further…

Thanks Christian for this kick off.
I can do a presentation and of course I can help organizing etc. I checked in at the doodle-survey.
Scheveningen / The Hague is a perfect location for conference and leisure.

I think once we have a date, we can send newsletter around for people. And Dana probably can also tweet, mail or post about it.
But I still wait for a few more people before we decide.

Who wrote that ?

Just added my available dates too.

Thanks, we got already days with 9 :slight_smile:

Now we got 10 ;-))