Linux IDE disappears when loading an existing Project or Running a New project

In tracking down an issue on a generic Debian 11 system, I’ve set up an Intel NUC with 8GB RAM and an 8 thread i5.

I’ve installed the GNOME desktop environment as well as the Cinnamon environment. Downloaded and install 2022r4.1 DEB package and added the MBS 22.5 plugins.

I can launch the IDE and am greeted with the New Project Dialog. If I create a new Desktop project, the default project populates. Upon attempting to run it, the IDE disappears - but is still running and using CPU time. I kill that instance and relaunch, loading an existing project. I then type CTRL-R and the IDE disappears once again with it’s instance still running an consuming CPU cycles. After additional Kill/Relaunch sequences, the IDE then starts to disappear after opening an existing project.

[EDIT] There isn’t even a window mapped when the IDE disappears.

Is anyone else running into issues on generic Debian 11?

This is the only version of Xojo on the system
Debian Linux 11.2 brand new installation
Cinnamon and GNOME with Xorg

Launch the IDE from a terminal window. It’ll give more info about the crash.

If you do what Greg said, it will help find the errors. Here is the link with instructions on how I installed Xojo Ubuntu Debian How to install Xojo on Ubuntu 64-bit - #4 by Eugene_Dakin

Sorry - no it does not provide additional info if launched from the terminal.

As I said, the IDE is not crashing, it’s just “disappearing”.

I’ve long been installing the IDE on a myriad of Linux systems. In fact, I find the tarball and manually adding the .desktop file more consistent. I added a note to your bug report about the disappearing windows.

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@William_Yu - having said that, I’ve now been able to see a SEGFAULT:

failed to load code unit /home/tjones/Xojo/2022.041.00.58860/Precompiled Plugins/Plugins0GUILinuxGTKx86_64.o: Segmentation fault

What shows in the system log just before the segfault?

That’s segfault message is what is in the syslog and where I found it. The more complete example simply adds the serialization:

[114121.522901] traps: Xojo[100253] general protection fault ip:7f3d70ccaeb0 sp:7ffd2fac4830 error:0 in[7f3d70b44000+56f000]
[116637.952438] Xojo[100676]: segfault at 48 ip 00007f8d1113aeb4 sp 00007ffc68f3d8c0 error 4 in[7f8d11058000+56f000]
[116873.060488] Xojo[104256]: segfault at 48 ip 00007f7d9f324eb4 sp 00007ffd4e262e50 error 4 in[7f7d9f242000+56f000]

You should run top in a terminal and watch the memory situation just as it crashes. It’s entirely possible that this is an OutOfMemory situation.

Can you get the IDE to crash/disappear without these added plugins? Maybe try adding one at a time until you are to reproduce this crash. Also monitor the memory usage with top as Greg suggested.

BT;DT - Even tried using strace. With top set to 1 second updates, it happens too quickly to get anything.

Having said that, removing Wayland and forcing the system to use Xorg (X11), the problem has disappeared.

Also, since this is where the SEGFAULT occurs, I do not suspect the MBS plugins.