Linking Executable on MacOS Catalina 10.15

Hi guys.
Recently installed Xojo 2023 1.1 on MacOS Catalina 10.15 but I’m getting an error without any explanation as reported in the image attached.

Any hints?

Thank you

If you right-click on that error, copy that line and paste it into a text field, is there more info available?

nothing more than the screenshot posted.

Copied and pasted but nothing…

Installed latest XCode 12.4 (the latest compatible with Catalina 10.15) but no improvement.

Pretty weird…

does Xojo have permission to write in all the areas it needs to use?
(Check privacy settings in the Mac Settings dialog, and grant it full disc access if unsure)


Xojo has now full access but without success…

Macos Catalina running on a mid 2010 Mac mini.

Never had a problem with xojo 2019 and it still compile but I need to transfer everything to latest release

The funny thing is that I can compile successfully for windows a Linux on Mac machine but i’m not able even to run the code on Mac from MacOS.

Maybe the issue is with the CPU? We bought this mac mini used by a local shop with the main intent to verify that our software runs natively also in old architecture and we found Catalina 10.15 installed. It seems that this can be done forcing something. Maybe this is the cause if the issue? In any case everything runs so smoothly and even Xcode has nothing to complain to.

Even the xojo compiled programs we build on windows works like a charm. We only need to “run” programs here to debug some methods with “#if target” directive.

Latest official macOS for a mid 2010 Mac Mini is 10.13.6 (“High Sierra”), so Catalina was installed with a patcher. That might be the cause of your problems…

A late 2012 Mac Mini can run macOS 10.15.7 (“Catalina”) without the need of a patcher. Maybe worth a try. Another way to test older OS is to use a VM on a newer Intel based Mac…

I could be interested why Xojo failed without any further information about why it failed

Definitely worth a try with a “newer” hardware and I’ll complain with the shop where we bought this.

At the same time it seems that a “workaround” is to debug the application with Xojo 2020R2.1 and than transfer the mod on a windows PC with Xojo 2023 r1.1 and deploy from there to Win64, MacOS Universal and Linux64.

In any case, it could be very interesting to understand why Xojo 2020R2.1 (able to deploy for MacOS x86 and ARM) works like a charm while all version after this release are not able to run or deploy on the same machine.

Maybe because there is something missing in your OS installation that is needed by newer Xojo versions? You can have a look at the release notes of the next version after 2020R2.1, if there is any change in requirements mentioned…

Are-you sure you compile 64Bits applications ?

Good shot… It seems MacOS 11 Sdk is needed… Digging into it

But at this point I think it could be impossible to install MacOS11 SDK on Catalina MacOS 10.15… Am I missing something?

SDK 11 was delivered with Xcode 12.x, accourding to Apples Release notes, and you wrote you have installed Xcode 12.4 - so this SDK should be available.
Don’t know if there are any incompatibilies on a patched macOS or errors during install of Xcode. Did you install the Xcode command line tools?


Installed all Xcode 12.4 without any issue. Is there a command I can launch from shell to check if everything is ok?

Created a simple Hello world program with Xcode and Swift. No issue at all. Compiled and run.

I think you’re getting things confused here.

The only part of Xojo that requires Xcode right now is iOS development and that is what has the requirement of iOS 11. Not the SDK, but the version of iOS 11 itself.

OK. Thank you for clarification.

The incompatibility remains…

Very long shot…
read this post…