License activation question

I just activated my license and the IDE said I have two activations left, meaning I can activate Xojo on my home machine and my notebook, too.

If I ever switch machines, is it enough to remove the license from one machine and I get an activation back? Or do I have to go through Xojo customer support to reset an activation?

You can deactivate a machine directly from your account page at (click on the Licenses section).

Great, thank you.

So, do I need an internet connection for the IDE being able to build applications (not running them from inside the IDE), or can I go on a vacation for two weeks without connecting to the net?

[quote=10051:@Sebastian Niesen]Great, thank you.

So, do I need an internet connection for the IDE being able to build applications (not running them from inside the IDE), or can I go on a vacation for two weeks without connecting to the net?[/quote]
No, an Internet connection is not required to use Xojo.

Is the intention that a three machine licence can be used only by one person who owns three machines, or is it within the licence terms that a three-person company can have each of these three people operate one of the licences?

From the EULA:

“You will be the only user of your Xojo License Key(s)”

The intention is one person with three machines. Licenses are tied to your account, and our intention is for you to not share accounts.

Unless you have four machines, but the 11" is only for vacation, so I’m good. :wink:

And remember, if you have more machines than you have licenses, you can always deactivate a license from your Account page on the web site so that you can use it on another machine.

Pardon my ignorance, but does my existing Real Studio transfer to Xojo?


Are the instructions somewhere online? I have a valid Enterprise license, but my account shows no licenses.

Your account is not showing any Real Studio keys either. PM me, and we can look into it further.

Hi, I just renew yesterday my enterprise license on and get my new key. now how i use it whit xojo.

Occasionally the system doesn’t convert the keys. Someone at xojo can help you.out.

Hi Eddy. Your new license should automatically appear on your account at

The easiest way to use the license with Xojo is to just log in to Xojo when it starts so that it can pull down your license.

If you don’t see your licenses, contact customer service:

I was in the beta, and I just installed the release version…

When I fired it up Xojo said I only have a console license and that had the expiration date I expected due to my last renewal… So I went to the Xojo website to download my Database and Desktop licenses…

Strangely the console license was grouped with my expired Xojo Pro license (Expired 8/21/12 - I renewed an old RS Win Pro license from before I had Enterprise).

I deauthorized that console license as i figured it was a glitch and downloaded a DB and Desktop license…

When i tried to install Desktop and DB the DB license installed just fine… but I got this error trying to install the desktop license:
“A newer version of this key is already installed”

So now the license dialog says i have console and DB installed and I can’t install the desktop license …
But according to the website I ONLY have the DB license installed even tho Xojo App says I have console.

Seems my licensing is very confused!

  • Karen

Beta users have had a more interesting time making the transition. Before migrating licenses, I wiped out all the licenses generated during the beta. So you may have been seeing the residual effects of that transition.

Deleting the phantom console license allowed me to install the Desktop and license then I downloaded the REAL console license and it installed fine, so all is well now.

  • Karen

I like the fact that I can use three machines with the licensing, but it doesn’t seem to let me add a third machine. I have my MAC, PC, and was going to use my ultrabook as the third for ‘travelling’. I can only seem to activate twice however, and all I get for the third machine attempt is that ‘All Licence keys are up to date’ and they don’t appear in XOJO IDE.


I can delete a machine and then add a different one again easy enough, it just won’t let the third activation happen simultaneously.