Just Code Challenge

The Xojo Just Code Challenge has begun!

Read the blog post to find out more, but the idea is to have some fun making 1 project a week through the summer and to share your projects to help others learn. Post your first projects this Friday, the 22nd!

Share your thoughts, ideas or questions here.

Unfortunately I don’t have time this summer, put here is an idea for an app:

  • determine users location
  • display current weather, temp and wind speed
  • show 5 day weather forecast, with breakdown over the day

Bonus Points:

  • display a background picture and change it to match weather conditions
  • allow user to switch temp between C and F
  • allow user to use 12 or 24 hour clock

This is one I did last year when I was learning JavaScript, the ssl cert is broken, but otherwise it should work: https://weather.codesurge.xyz

Do the projects need to be open source?

Just to get things right: we need to make 10-14 different apps (so not just added functionality on the previous app)? And how is a project judged: do we need to provide code or can we show screenshots?

It will be great if we can also have some projects that grow with new functions each week.

I read “share your projects to help others learn” that at least some code/information will be posted. Maybe some projects could be included as new examples in a later release?

My submission wk1. While this emulates my beloved first digital device (a calculator purchased in 1974) hence the red digits on the screen & the very simplistic math available (true to life!), the project also demonstrates to a certain extent the value of MVC (Model View Control) and the use of control groups in UI design.

I am assuming that these projects will be open source - mine sure is.

The project file does need to be shared in some way as the idea is for others to learn something from your code. You don’t have to officially post it to GitHub or anything – a simple download link is fine.

There is no judging. Anything you make counts. Iterating over one app for 10-ish weeks is an interesting take and I think is fine – after all you are “just coding”. Be sure to post a project each week so people can see and learn from the progress, though.

Yes, at least some of the ones I end up making will be included as examples with Xojo.

My first one is done. I used it as an excuse to play around with SQLite. A very simple app, a take-off of the “to-do” list, it’s a way for writers to track ideas for their articles/stories, dates written, and dates published. I called it “Write Idea”. It was a fun, low-level intro to SQLite. I have no idea if my use of SQLite was “best practices” compatible but the app works and it was great fun playing with it for the sole purpose of learning.


[quote=392751:@James Dooley]Unfortunately I don’t have time this summer, put here is an idea for an app:

  • determine users location
  • display current weather, temp and wind speed
  • show 5 day weather forecast, with breakdown over the day

Great suggestion, iOS project will be posted on Friday!

Simple iOS Weather App


Simple calculator. My first complete desktop app.


A very simple loading of csv-data (it will be part of a web app later actually) from our library backend systems. To check the functionality, the Chillkat Xojo plugin (free) has to be downloaded.

Project and small sample data


Hope it counts, as the app does nothing else than insert data into a database. So it only has one button :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s still Friday here in Alaska… :wink:

Presenting the iTunes Affiliate Link Maker. Here’s a 1-minute video that shows what my entry does:

And here’s a link to the project itself:

Glad to have found out about #JustCode in time for this first Friday!


Now it seems that there is a separate thread for the projects from week 1 (bit annoyed at the lack of communication regarding rules etc. Xojo)… do we need to repost there?

Hmm… I guess I’ll go repost in that other thread.

For people who are looking, it’s here:
JustCode Week 1 Projects

It came from the free code camp exercises

Another idea for someone The Berlin Clock . I was asked for an implication of that as part of a recruitment test a while back

Sounds like a nice and not too hard challenge for playing with images.