Just Code Challenge

I’ve just had an idea for this weeks submission, Just a few thoughts on the setup of the challenge:

Maybe shift the end date to end on Sunday so someone at Xojo can post on Monday morning with the new weeks thread instead of interrupting their weekend with a Friday/Saturday new thread?

Maybe create a thread for each weeks submissions on the day after it closes so people know where to post and that the new thread denotes the closure of the previous weeks submissions? This helps if someone is ready to post their project on a Wednesday but they are away on an extended weekend.

Just wanted to say thanks to Xojo for doing this #JustCode thing – I’d been poking at Xojo a little bit, but this is what’s convinced me to dive back in*. For the last couple years I’ve been working in a “Microsoft shop” and had talked myself into thinking that if I wanted to do anything serious on the side I’d have to use MS stuff. As a long-time Mac Zealot that just made me want to throw up.

But after the last couple weeks of drinking the Xojo kool-ade in the evenings and on weekends, I’m liking the taste. :slight_smile: It’s a bit frustrating because I’ve forgotten enough that I’m slower coding right now, plus Xojo has changed a lot since RealStudio 2011.

Anyway, thanks, Xojo!


  • I made my living from 2004 to 2014 with Real, but never made the jump to Xojo.

On Friday, August 8, I’ll be on a cruise ship between Ketchikan, AK, and Vancouver, BC. I wont have internet. Is it possible for me to post that week’s entry the day before? I can find a coffee shop in Ketchikan and post it then.

If that won’t work, I’ll buy some million dollar a minute internet on the ship and do it Friday, but this vacation is already costing me dearly, so I’m hoping for a modification for that date. :slight_smile:

Oh, I just checked — Friday, Sep 7, we’ll be on another ship heading back to Alaska and our last landfall is the previous Wednesday. Maybe a mod for that day, too?

You can send your post/message to me by private message and I’ll post it on Friday. I bet Paul will help you too.

Not a problem, Jay. I’ll try to get the thread up sooner for early birds, but if it is not up then go ahead and post here instead (with the week #).

Why not create the new weeks thread now, then edit in your submission in the first post when its ready Paul? Like I mentioned a month ago?

I might have missed that suggestion. That could work, too.

Is it really a problem? Paul begins a new week with each of his Friday posts, and people can post their submissions there until the following Friday. It may shift the effective deadline by a few days, but overall, the submissions are in one week groups.

I think Paul is ending each week of coding with the Friday post, so that day is the deadline for the week. Switching to your way of looking at it could help…

I don’t think it really matters too much, at the end of the day the idea is to learn something and get more examples out there for the ones coming after you.

If we begin to change the rules…
The projects must be sent each Friday. Not after.
That’s why I did not post some code for the first Friday, since I saw the blog post the next Monday.

Now, people who are not present one Friday could post their code in the previous thread for the next one. I have nothing against this. On the other hand, for week 5, some people did post their code several days after the deadline. I understand they don’t want to be disqualified by the rule 10 out of 14, but - IMHO - it’s not fair.

Would it also be an idea to create a leader board, so we can keep up with how many projects were posted?

(Maybe someone could repost this in the correct topic tomorrow? I’ll again be without internet access until late Saturday.)

Xoggle (Like Boggle)

This week’s entry is a 1-player version of the game Boggle. (Easy to make it into a “pass-and-play” version, or even network — just save the letters from the first player and show the same letters to each player until each has had a turn, then shuffle for new letters and keep going.)

No video preview this week.

Here’s where you can grab the project:

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