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Does anyone use jeremieleroy’s plugins?
I am trying to reach support, But no answer for over a week.
I am using scrollcanvas, and even on the compiled demo application it crashes when using “selection”. It is the same problem I get in my app:
Runtime Error
Location: Common/MacOS/DrawableCocoa.cpp:488
Condition: mContext

When running in IDE development, it stops without any error, and then I am allowed to resume. It looks like a “break” line, but there is no “break” point.

Does anyone has an idea?? what could I do?


That happens to me as well. Constantly. Sometimes NilObjectException and other times KeyNotFoundException (when I don’t use a dictionary, probably some debug code does).

You can silently ignore these exception by returning True in the App.UnhandledException event.

I am returning true in App.UnhandledException event, but when compiled I still have problems. and the error is:
Runtime Error
Location: Common/MacOS/DrawableCocoa.cpp:488
Condition: mContext

See attached

He’s on vacation. See here:

No attack intended, but if I were selling plugins for sometimes hundreds of dollars USD, I would consider it vitally necessary to answer support emails quickly. 2 week vacations with no access to email wouldn’t be an option really. But i’m an odd duck, I suppose.

Somehow, I doubt Montenegro provides an excellent access to Internet…

Just life with a product that has many third-party vendors that are sole proprietors.

Well, I will wait his vacation, what else could I do?
Thanks everyone

That is the case for quite a lot of third party products throughout the industry development products, not only Xojo. Actually, most of the time, such products start as an internal product and they become third party tools when it appears they can be of use.

To be fair with Jérémie, he usually replies immediately, and is very helpful. Moreover, he is a regular in this forum.

I had once an “interesting” experience with another vendor who simply replied after months, not weeks. With other languages, I also had to deal with less than friendly Github authors who simply said essentially “you are on you own, what do you expect ?”.

There are trade off for every situation. I tend to like having direct contact with the developer, though. Bigger entities always pick up the phone, but I often had to deal with one of these representative who reads on the screen instead of using her brain. Most obnoxious recently, a girl at Paypal insisting the problem I was facing was browser related when I was able to log with another account fine, and had tried with four different browsers on Mac and PC. I finally had to write to the boss to get help, and I could not log in for four days.

Be bought the Calendar View (unencrypted source code edition) 2013. We have still some major problems with the calendar view since more than one year. Last year (September 2014) Jeremy promised us to fix the bugs the next week! We remembered him via mail in November 2014, December 2014 and April 2015. No answer. We bought an update in September 2014. He send us two new keys to decrypt the source code. But all keys he send us are invalid. We asked him to send us a valid code for decrypting the last update. No answer. So we wasted a lot of time…

I agree. I was just pointing out, when they go on vacation, you are kind of on hold. Just how it is with some of the tools. I own many of his controls, but if it goes into my program, I buy the source code so that I can fix problems myself if I need.

I had a reply to a question from Jrmie after he went on vacation (according to his blog). He promised to get back to me the next day, but didn’t. I’ve sent a couple of follow-on messages, but have heard nothing.

I’m hoping he’s simply out of range, and not that something’s happened to him…

It has been my experience with RubberViews that people who buy the source code usually spot issues themselves, often before I have a chance to investigate. On the other hand, encrypted classes are more like end user apps and do require fix updates, since they cannot be modified.

I have operated web sites with instant delivery by download since 1998. Since then, it has been like being shopkeeper at some Seven Eleven* open 24/7. People expect immediate service. Development tools seem to add another layer of demand. Programmers usually embark on more complex tasks, and that creates needs far more elaborate than end user programs.

  • For non US : Mini Market units popular in California open all the time, best example being Apu’s market in The Simpson’s.

[quote=187106:@Peter Truskier]I had a reply to a question from Jérémie after he went on vacation (according to his blog). He promised to get back to me the next day, but didn’t. I’ve sent a couple of follow-on messages, but have heard nothing.

I’m hoping he’s simply out of range, and not that something’s happened to him…[/quote]

As I said before, I doubt very much Internet is as good in Montenegro as in Paris. He is probably out of range, and most probably busy taking a break as well. I would say that his mistake was to promise to get back to you and not honor that.

I got no answer from him until now. More than a month.

Does anyone know a good substitute to scrollcanvas ??

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piDog Scrolling Canvas may work

I had the same experience 1-1/2 years ago. Never get his reply.