Jeremie Leroy support?

That’s alright if you get a few mails a day. What if you get 50+ ? Trust me, they are mostly happy when you reply within 24h or even 48h.

About Jeremy: He mostly answer quick to mails here at the forum. Maybe Christian used a wrong email address?

maybe christian can send a private conversation to jeremy at the forum

[quote=374728:@Dave S]The chances that he is not aware of this thread is next to ZERO… as he has posted on the forum just about every day this week, and was logged in just minutes ago. I would think that if he could do that, he could at least take 10 seconds to say something…
I (like Bob) at least respond to every email/post I see, even if to say it will take a bit to resolve the issue in question[/quote]

Although my phone(s) keep me “logged” into the forums I might not see a post for days. But the software thinks I am on constantly . Maybe he isn’t seeing the posts?

I agree, this is not the first thread with this topic; but, my main thoughts are… it shouldn’t take a search party to find someone that you have purchased products from to answer a few simple questions. I find it problematic that if he list the ways to contact him and doesn’t respond to the end user, something is not right. Also, its a bit odd that his name is the title of the thread, he has logged into the forums, yet… hasn’t responded.

Call it what you will, but I would say if he hasn’t contacted you yet… initiate the refund request as I am sure the amount of time spent attempting to contact him was more than the price you paid for his product.

This is not a dis on Jeremie but rather annoyance since the plugin community is small for Xojo and would hate to discourage people from going the 3rd party route without fear of not getting the level of service they are entitle to with their products.

Did anyone buy the source code version of these products?
Worst case scenario - Im thinking back to when a PDF library I used to use just vanished overnight…

We provide customer support for all our customers. An initial reply within 24 hours, when possible with a solution for the problem. If not possible an ETA is given for providing a solution.

Even on holidays, including Christmas, New Year, Easter, … at least the customer receive a reply. That is how a business works.

What’s even worse is…I love his plugins. CustomUI is great, and if I could get BBCodeLabel to work with newer versions of Xojo, that would be amazing too. But 3 different forms of contact with 2 attempts overall on each (including his own website form!) have yielded no responses to date.

My own products receive a 24 hour or less response time to support inquiries, and they average $2-5 in price. That’s how business should be conducted, IMHO.

This thread is the reason why I like buying source code. And yes, I’ve purchased the source of some of his products.

I have not boughten (I think that is the right tense of the verb) source code (when available) and I deemed it necessary. there have been several people that have come and gone as plugin (or control) developers. Luckly we have a few that have been around for a while and dont seem to be leaving anytime soon (@Bob Keeney, @Christian Schmitz, Bjorn Eiriksson, etc)

Also there is plenty of resources that is OpenSource and that is great. that way we cant get into this issue. NOT suggesting all code/controls/plugins need to he OpenSource.

have a good night

To buy - bought - bought
I buy - I bought - I have bought - I had bought

Yeah, but boughten is double plus good in my books :slight_smile:

I like it too. I absolutely love my wife’s imperfect German - it’s soooo cute :slight_smile:

I have not purchased…

[quote=374930:@Markus Winter]Nope.
To buy - bought - bought
I buy - I bought - I have bought - I had bought[/quote]

I know it sounded off. but I really shouldn’t post while traveling and not getting sleep.

Hi all, just an update on this.

Still no response from Jeremie Leroy. He has been tagged in this thread, I sent him a private message through this forum, I emailed the address linked to his PayPal (which bounced back, by the way), I even sent a message through the PayPal user interface. None of these messages received a response. Yet his Xojo forum profile has shown regular activity and even as of now it shows he was active 3 hours ago.

Consequently, I have filed a claim with PayPal to receive a refund. Like I said in my original post, I hate to do this to an independent developer, I feel sick about it in fact. And I would much rather have a working CustomUI than my money back.

Thanks to everyone in this thread for chiming in.

@Jeremie Leroy if you’re reading this, please understand there’s no hard feelings on my end, your product looks to be great when it works and if you’re able to respond to one of my messages I’m happy to withdraw my PayPal claim. Even if you see this too late, I’m happy to re-purchase the library once support is available again.

Don’t feel bad about it. None of it is your fault.

I know its not the same product but this is very surprising considering he sells his other product through the Xojo site.

It’s three weeks!

Really, if I would not responds for so long, I probably would be in hospital with wife and kids as otherwise my wife would answer emails to let people know I will be back soon.

When I think about what happens in the App Store or the Windows Store, or even Amazon, when support is not immediate, gracious and effective, like a one star review and a mean post, this thread overall is awfully nice.

Oh yes! In fact, my post was intended to be a bit more direct, but hey, this forum tends to be more gracious and such, so I was. My humble viewpoint really is that Xojo should discontinue sales of his products on their site until he adopts better (or even ANY, recently) support practices. And this is said as a fan of his stuff.